Sagats Auto correct



Thought i’d start a thread about auto correct moves.Sagat is an autocorrect machine in sf4 and there are many situations i am planning to show ppl.i’ll start off with this… sagat ultras are both good at this imo i’m making a small vid soon which will contain alot of a.c in it but for the mean time check this out :slight_smile: im sure the sagats who think alot will find this useful .



Pretty sick man


on a wakeup crossup psycho crusher most of the times the ultra will autocorrect and punish it. just an example.


Crazy ozzy, that’s awesome shit.

From close quarter range, does this work for all characters?


Hey man, can’t wait for another vid!
But I’m just thinking would training mode + input display make more sense?

I am the alrighty Bison!


Man, I can never figure out how to do the auto-correction stuff from a FADC


[media=youtube]FUi4fd1sqf0[/media] inputs are shown here.


Cheers man!
Also that tribute to the eyepatch combo vid is what switched me to sagat, one of the most impressive ones I’ve ever seen!

I am the alrighty Bison!


haha really? sick man glad it had that effect brings a tear to my eyepatch :stuck_out_tongue: haha


That video made me change to Sagat too. Damn his buttons feel so satisfying to hit with.

And if you see this, what is your most used frametrap? I end up pushing buttons and getting counterhit a lot even when I think I’m being smart.


yea sagat is a bad ass and fun character to use at times its a very salty journey very frustrating against certain characters but im glad to have inspired some ppl to pick him up :slight_smile: really means alot so thanks for that man. for counter hits theres a few i like cmp is really good and you can combo another cmp to confirm into dp. chp is great and also clk . theres some great info probided by emblemlord in the taking sagat to the next level thread check it out!he has detailed breakdown of good counterhit options


i love this thread ive been trying to figure out how to do it LOl


Ok thanks a bunch :smiley: I’ll check that thread out. I have been starting to use, c.lp, c.hp and it can snag a couple people with that crazy priority.


How do you do the autocorrect in the first post I cant seem to cross under after the fa cancel


midscreen you must cancel your dp at the last possible point .its possible to cancel late rather then early


Most integrating thank you very much


no problems


Hey, that’s some crazy stuff with Sagat! I main Sagat myself since vanilla, and this just opened my eyes to so much more! I tried to do some of this stuff like the auto correct ultra in the corner, but I can’t seem to get it… Is there a trick to this?


Still need to watch it. On my phone but I can’t wait. Cross ups make me rage (I’m a week into sagat but used to Cody and ryu). I love the king but I hope it will help. And a heavy weapons post = baller.

Edit sagat made me realize I love zoning and since using his 5 frame dp vs ryus aaing is ezpz. I can only play people with a fireball (Cody ryu e ryu sagat akuma) I hate playing cammy but she’s too good :frowning:


You need to cancel the dp late as possible . There are different point where you can fadc his tiger uppercut. just try fadc it later.