Sagat's c.fp

why the hell does everyone treat as if it’s God’s rocket punch?

range, speed, difficult to punish, damage, super damage on trade off, guard crush damage, being able to hit someone close with it and still be able to throw out another one and have it trade or counter hit for lots of damage, and it will trade/counter hit, as it is GODLY!

Because they are stupid.

well…i play k-groove…and i’ve played some pretty good people such as alex navarro and what not and in k-groove it is god’s rocket punch. i am not saying i ignore his godly kicks either…but c.fp is a good good good normal, one of the best in the game

you forgot to mention that it stuffs ALL level 1 supers clean 99% of the time.

well i wasn’t gun go in depth about it…but i mean yeah; it stuffs almost everything with no invincibility frames…also you can super on reaction, great guard damage, you can follow up with another one a lot of the time (ex:c.fp, run, c.fp), juss a bunch of shit

when you have a level2 bar always buffer c.hp into level 2 tiger raid then cancel into hp tiger uppercut. around 7600 dmg