Sagat's kara options

I was trying to find out all of sagat’s kara moves but they aren’t stickied anywhere and thought that they should be since kara moves can be essential to zoning, and spacing.

For people who do not know what a kara cancel is
Its just kara throwing but I put it here so that new players can understand the concept of kara canceling.


There’s a thread on this, but for your sake I’ll fill you in. or f.rh can be kara’d

you can kara into tiger knee, ex knee.
you can kara into tiger shot, ex shot
you can kara into tiger uppercut, ex uppercut.

A cancel - is described in the instruction manual that comes with the game as well as challenge mode. A cancel is when you perform a normal move, and then a special move immediately afterwards.

So for sagat: - low ts,
st. lk - tiger knee

Search function fails me :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad: But foreal tho, I searched and didn’t find shit.

I wanted the info to be easy to find for people instead of them digging for it be because I feel that this info is essential. Btw I don’t own a copy of the game so I can’t really explore the game as much as I want. When I get the chance, I’ll record these moves and how to do em for newbies. Since you kara off of his toward roundhouse, shouldn’t he have a kara throw? Again, I would be trying to find this out myself but I don’t have the game.

Also, I thought toward short was just canceled and not kara canceled unless its a really late kara cancel? Or am I just trippin?

Btw if there already was a thread then thanks for showing me where it is :rolleyes:

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No, Sagat does not have a kara throw

I already answered that. You don’t believe me? It’s a kara. Not a cancel. Read the instruction manual or go to trial mode and relearn the section called “cancels” and it won’t be in there. I realize you don’t have a copy of the game but this information can be youtubed, or done at a friends house.

He has both - like i said before. tiger knee to cover distance. tiger knee for pressure / corner games / frame traps

All I’m gonna say is thanks for sharing the information and good luck with helping others in the sagat forums.

Thank you and I’ll do my best.

Besides kara tk/tu/ts you can also just FADC the LSK (fw. lk). It has incredible speed and can get your opponent of guard. Don’t use this too much. I sometimes use it when both lives are almost gone and I’m half screen away. I feint the LSK and FADC infront of the player and just grab him. It really works! It’s always better to leave it for TU FADC, but when it doesn’t matter or you find the right opportunity just do it.

How do you kara into the tiger shot? I usually get tiger uppercut.


:r:+:hk: is FADC-able also, and it’s faster. Though if they see :r:+:lk:, they’ll expect a knee and block… where as :r:+:hk: is quick enough that they might not react much. Just hope they aren’t waiting to DP you out of that tiger knee. Never tried either in a match, always using my meter for tigershot combos

I like macaroni as well.

i do forward+lk then cancel with 74123 + kick(or punch). i think half circle forward also works

Is that seriously how to do it?