Sagat's scar

Does anybody know from where came that Sagat’s face scar?

dragon punch ryu scar sagat from came

The chest one did but I never even noticed a scar on his face, is it right next to his eye by any chance? If so then answer’s probably Go Hibiki.

Yep. See it on #5, for example. And sorry about my english. It seems a little Yoda’s. Haha.

By the way the two scars go, it looks like Ryu’s dragon punch scarred that part of his face, as well as his chest. Also, in pics of SF1 Sagat, he has the eye patch but not the scar on his face. Thats what I make of it anyways…

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Go Hibiki took out Sagat’s eye. Ryu scarred his chest and that’s it. As far as I know Capcom hasn’t said how he got that other scar.

As far as Sagat not having the scar above his eye in old SF1 art, back then Ryu had red hair, Birdie was a white guy, things change.

in street fighter V DVDs, he doesn’t have that eye patch when first appears. haven’t watched the rest of the DVDs yet, so don’t ruin it for me :karate:

story of the big bloody battle

at the time of young ryu think himself i want become best man,
music of rock start and ryu pick up bag and start get hungry for the big game

but there is many pound puppy game and many wild jungle beast game that ryu rock ass easily

only big beard freind ken give challenge but ryu rock his ass PERIOD IT

then ryu one day cross ocean and walk up sagat

this match becamed rated R PERIOD as ryu shoryuken his ass and it is big bloody mess

this is how he become,

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Judging by the official art were young Sagat holds Go Hibiki I though his eye wasn’t took out, just messed up as you can see in the pic. His right pupil is all bleached out and his left eye looks normal

Go Hibik struck sagat in the head causing his eye to rupture, hence its non working, it left a big ass scar. So sagat grabbed that bitch by the head and beat him dead. Then Ryu Shoryuken him (with intent of death to Sagat), in the first World Warrior tournament. (i.e. Street Fighter 1 sagat has no scar on his chest, he also has knees where his ankles should be but thats a different story)

haha too good.

This is actually what I meant. I didn’t mean it as “Go plucked Sagat’s eye out of his socket.” Should be kind of obvious since Sagat still has both eyed in their sockets. I meant it as in “Go took his eye out of commision.”

It’s like during a fight when opponent A does a sweeping kick and knocks opponent B down, you say “A took out the B’s legs” or “A took B’s legs out from under him.” It doesn’t mean he actually removed the guy’s legs, LOL! All beit with Sagat/Go there was still a permanent effect.

Anyway, I apologize for any confusion on my part.

You shouldn’t apologize Sano, infact you just confirmed what I suspected…as dumb as it sounds I always thought Sagat’s eye was removed out of its socket until I saw that official pic lol

You think that’s bad? When I saw that drawing in Capcom Design Works back in the nineties I swore it was a young Adon up until about 2001 when I was told otherwise. :rofl:

lol I would like to take a look to official art pics, I have the japanesse DVD of SF the animated movie and there’s a section of the story of SF and they show the official pics of the characters in every version of the SF games and also on the credits of that feature there are photos of the characters doing random stuff. But I would like to watch more…is there any good source (phisical or on the web) to find some official capcom drawings?

Your easiest bet is getting the US SF Eternal Challenge Book. After that, Capcom Early Days is pretty easy to find since it didn’t come out that long ago, it’s an updated version of Capcom Illustrations and has a lot more artwork not in Capcom Illustrations. Capcom Illustrations is out of print, there are lots of fake copies floaiting around the internet nowadays that pail in comparison to the original, so I recommend getting Capcom Early Days since an original is always better than a fake(and you will probably wind up paying more for a fake Capcom Illustrations than a real Capcom Early Days.) And there’s always Capcom Design Works, the best book of the bunch. It’s a few years old, but you shouldn’t have to much trouble finding it on Ebay, Amazon and such.

Don’t know of many Capcom Art websites per se, kind of spoiled since I have a lot of the artwork in my house, but if you want to see some really really REALLY good fan art of Capcom females and others, I HIGHLY reccomend Ataru’s site. Let me look for a link…

Ataru’s Website -

And his drawings. Plenty of drawings of the Twelve Dolls, and Gouken’s daughter is number 66!

thanks a lot man, cool sites. I did hear about SF Eternal challenge and I think I’ll definitly get it, or is capcom early days the one to buy first?