Sagats U2 discussion



I would like to hear some input for high level sagat play, particularly use of his Tiger Cannon. As of now I can only think that it is SLIGHTLY useful vs RYU/SAGAT, but to be honest I feel like Sagat can force most of the cast to jump even ryu, which makes U1 my choice as of now. U2 only seems useful to me against characters that have wierd hitboxes where U1 doesnt fully connect and characters that I’d likely have near the corner during the course of the match ie. vega?, fuerte?.


I personally use U2 more than u1 as I feel it has alot more uses. I got my moneys worth in more ways than an ultra.


I was all for U2, using it in most of my matches, then there was a match I was about to lose, barely any health. Guy crossed me up in the corner on wakeup, I did an auto-correct TU, trade hit, FWD+RH, TIGERRR DESTRUUUCTIOOON to steal the game. If still want to feel like you have a bit of comeback potential like Vanilla, U1 all the way.


U2 is good for a lot of match ups as I personally believe Capcom designed the second edition as to use the ultras as whiff punishment tools rather than as an addition to a combo now. U2 is a really good anti air from both close and far screen depending on what your opponent is whiffing. With certain match ups though, I would still use U1, such as with Guy. Since I’m still iffy about basing my game plan on him using tiger shots, U1 is still good to whiff punish his attempts at run slide or that jump in elbow command he has.

Also angry scar is good, you just have to use it in a different manner, but that’s another discussion for later.


Anyways, I’m back at work, and I played quite a bit the last few days.

After all the matches I’ve played, I think I can say U2 is THE BETTER choice against blanka. It can punish any blanka balls on block which makes fighting him a lot less tedious. Against dhalsim it’s also a good choice, I’m pretty sure U can punish fireballs with U2 almost fullscreen if you do a psychic Ultra, which is a good option if you are down in life with little time on the clock.

That’s all I’ve found out about it for now. I hope we could maybe make a list of what it can punish on block.

I’ve been looking at a bit of frame data and I THINK U2 can punish seth’s S.fierce on block, ryu’s sweep, maybe rufu’s c.fierce. I’ll confirm these when I get back home.


I has great versatility. Also im pretty sure if it can punish moves by kara tu on block, U2 will also work, correct me if im wrong. On block: T.hawk condor dive, cammy canon spike, blanka ball, vega sky claw, honda headbutt, maybe more I havent not tested others fully.


It’s kinda annoying that the last couple hits always whiff. Seems unnecessary.


They had to nerf him more than normal to please the scrubs.


I agree with you, I rather they make it work like metsu. They should just decrease the speed of the ultra’s projectile, but make it all connect when u juggle it, like metsu. I just want somethin new to look at lol. cuz i land my ultra alot O.O


I still use U1 because more damage on juggle except for in the corner where you lose most of the ultra.


If they decreased the speed, wouldn’t it whiff, re: if you tried connecting it with fullscreen EX Tiger shot?


That only works when your opponent is in the corner. And it’s hard to consistently put and KEEP good players into the corner with sagat. And when I DO get them in the corner, usually I’m in range to combo U1 off an EX TS. IMO Tiger Cannon’s usefulness isn’t because of it’s ability to juggles full screen off of EX TS, it’s more of a whiff punisher or for footsies. But, the fact that the damage is so greatly scaled when comboed-into makes the ultra lose a lot of its effectiveness.

But I think it’s such a cool looking ultra lol. I can’t stand some of the long animations on some of the new ultras, like ffs, you hit me, get it over wit.


Is U2 actually better then U1 for anti air as it has a faster start up? (your reaction can be slower then using U1)

Also I got a question, a late U2 which trades an incoming HK, Sagat is reseted after the U2, CAN HE FOLLOW UP ANYTHING HIGHER DAMAGE?
Here’s a video for it, I randomly did that, it is not an extra hit, but the idea is that can he actually follow it up with another move?
[media=youtube]xZaW-J2pz8I[/media] (@0:30)


Imagine if capcom didnt make so a fireball and a ultra can be at the screen at the same time. That would make U2 godlike.

Anyway sagats U2 is ok. U1 is still better, it can punish all blanka balls. full screen anti air, great hitbox. Also today when my brother was playing, a ryu player was close to him and did EX fireball, and he did with reaction U2. sagat got all the 8hits of the U2, which is good, it dont lose its when it destroy other fireballs.


For some reason it inspires fear in Gief players who are otherwise lariat happy, but perhaps it’s just the Zangiefs I’ve been playing. I’ve seen it; the fact that having Tiger Cannon ready shuts down their lariat game for the most part like Abel’s Ultra shuts down a fireball game.


U2 is a great punisher…

Honda (blocked MP/HP headbutts)
Blanka (all blocked Blanka balls)
Zangief (lariat),
Cammy (blocked Cannon Spike)
Dudley (blocked EX MGB)
Akuma (ill-timed air fireballs)

Good overall in footsie wars against shotos and some other fireball characters. I’ll add more later… gotta go out now.


It can punish MP headbutts? I tested this in practice mode and got the reversal message everytime, but to no avail. I also blocked them standing.


It’s only fierce headbutts. Adam just freaked out when I was doing reversals on him.


good to know…especially since you can kara TU worth a crap anyway


It can punish MP headbutts people… the timing is incredibly strict and range specific but it can be done. It’s probably not something you should throw out every time you block an MP headbutt, but it DOES work.