Sagat's U2 glich Vs Ken U2

Seems like when you try to counter Ken’s U2 with Sagat’s U2 right before the animation ends (last tatsu) the tiger shots go right through him… bug? Haven’t seen it discussed beforehand.

Not really a glitch, it’ just that the fireballs hitbox is higher than kens hitbox when he’s doing his Ultra.

what an amazing question.
Most Definetaly worthy of having it’s own thread and not possibly answerable by posting it in the Q&A thread or Match up thread or anywhere else!!!

Thanks to Mr. Jeenyus1 that answered the question. It seems like a tiny hitbox though, the fireball is pretty much at the same height as Ken doing his Tatsu. Will further research this in training.

To Mr. DarthTrey, why have a whole forum subsection for characters if we can’t post in them? Just make 2 threads and lock the subforums if you dont want a real “forum”. Not like there’s a billion things to discuss about chars in a VIDEO GAME. Also, STFU and please disappear.



You dont get it do you. He is shit talking to you becasue you dont follow the forum etiquette/rules. There is a question thread, use it.

The problem I see with this is that I’m sure people don’t regularly read the QnA section so they are likely to miss some great threads. That statement was not making a judgment about whether or not this is a great thread…

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I’ve always wondered: Does is cost SRK money per thread to run this forum? I can’t imagine a few kilobytes of text is hogging their bandwidth. and I would think an active forum would be better than if no one ever made any new threads… then this would be iplaywinner’s forum.

New threads are good, they are supported and a lot comes out of them.
But every time someone has a stupid question a new thread isn’t needed.

There is a fucking Q and A thread. There is also a SSF4 match up thread, using common sense would have told you to post in there considering this retarded thread is concerning Ken’s ultra 2 but apparently you lack that trait.

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I looked up both threads beforehand and found no info pertaining to my question (via SEARCH THREAD) and like a lot of people that probably get a lot of flak for CREATING A NEW THREAD, I didnt really felt like reading 50 pages of stuff. Anyway, sounds like I farted in a Nobel Prize recipients’ reunion…

N.B. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
N.B.2 I’m really amazed how many angry gamers were here.

you still dont get it do you. you asked a question that could have been posted in the question thread.

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My point is… why have a forum if we, regular people (meaning, not blustering teens with a smoke screen of a superiority complex) can’t post in it. Just lock the forum and let us only posts in two threads. No mods here, just people that are desperate for control. I don’t see many things that stand out as marvellous new finds in regular topics - these should probably be stickied. Also, you’re polluting my thread, on 9 replies other than my own, 1 discusses the question - go SRK!

To get back on topic, since it’s not discussed much, from my experience it seemed like a glitch. Inputting Sagat’s U2 around last Ken’s Tatsu, before the last kick, would negate BOTH ultras (neither would hit) hence why I think it’s a two-part bug. Sagat U2 doesn’t counter-hit and the last hit of Ken’s can’t hit the “invincible” frames and whiffs. Both goes unscathed.

So, my thinking is: why make it whiff when I can counter, if I’ll have the ability to U2 anyway when Ken’s animation ends?

Feel free to call it “stupid”, after all, we’re discussing a video game and it might prove more things about you than me.

My friend, there is a reason why the Sagat forum is basically dead, and you’ve encountered them; pedo and his angry chums. I swear they only search through the threads to find someone to shout at!

No, it isn’t that they are searching the forums for something to shout at… They want useful information posted on these forums, and there hasn’t been anything of substance since the release of Super. I really don’t care if there are pointless threads like this up, but it would be nice if people kept simple Q&A for the thread that was designated for simple Q&A. Whereas the purpose of opening a new thread is to have something that is worth a discussion. This thread can be ended, and should be ended with a single answer response of: It is just how the game is, deal with it, CAPCOM most definitely knew this when it released it and if the considered it a bug, they decided it wasn’t game-breaking. Deal with it.

The true shame of this thread, and all threads like this, are that they were answered in 1 response already, and the remainder of the discussion is on how appropriate it is to start a simple Q&A thread.

. . . . . . . Ken’s ultra 2 is fireball immune. That’s why it wins.