Saginaw/Bay City/Midland Tri-Cities players! Take 2

This is the new thread to replace the old one.

When are we going to get together and play games again??

We have 2 new games in the area and I was wondering if anyone is going to play them. We have Tekken 5 in Bay City and we have CFE on concole. I am down to play whatever even the older games.

I am working for my own combo video now, blah…

Tekken 5 is too good, + waiting for devil jin to be unlocked

why do i have this feeling tekken 5 is gonna be just like 4 popular for a month or two then everyone goes back to tag? meh either way its 3d and its not virtua fighter so ferget it. Its all about World of Warcraft now anyway.

I just got WoW tonight. mark what server are you on???

We have to make a website for Team Tri-city…

Tekken 5 surprised the hell outta me. The game is too good. Law is too good. DSS cancels own you all!

Marc, when you play tekken 5, you will realize it IS virtua fighter.

Coming to Saginaw soon…

Tekken 2,4,5 Evolution

whisperwind its in central timezone, but haven’t had the downtime and the lines to get in that the eastern servers have had

oh yeah and my charecter name is thel add me to yer list or something and lemme know who you are. you playing alliance or hoard? i’ve not made a hord charecter yet but my night elf is lvl 22

Any my Zangief is level I don’t know how many points :confused: But anyway I wasn’t the first to find out about one hit dizzies on the fourms but I was the first in the tri-cities!HA :clap: Anyway you guys play CFE and T5 We must stay competitive!

i am playing on Arthas on the eastern server. my character name is Dbokin. right now he is a lvl 11 human paladen. i might switch over to a dwarf or a hoard orc warlock pretty soon they both look kewl

if you decide to switch you should come to whisperwind man thats where all the kewl kids play, or at least everyone else i know who has WoW

what is this one hit dizzies thing? that in CFE or what? Man i bought that game the day it came out and I have only played it like twice, too many good games out and not enough people in midland to play with

its me clayton stealing this account for now…

anyway just wanted to say taht NTG is gay. And should sign off of aim if he is going to be away and not respond. Doesnt he know people want to bother him??? grrrrz…

ah nate apperently you called when i was gone and you umm the message says to call you back… but ahh dude i dont know your new number. so umm yea kinda impossible ya know?

DBO, I tried to stop by your house for your books…
But you were not there at all, so I decided that if you want your book back, you have to beat my yun in 3S.

School blows so all Ive been doing is playing WoW. I was one of the first to sign in so Im on Mannoroth East playing as montaro.

Mark n Chin, do u guys use Teamspeak when u play WoW???

i don’t, havent’ used team speak since team fortress classic days. I just use the in game chat typing is easy :slight_smile:

I own you all in MvC2.

thats because your the only one that stills plays it