Saginaw/Bay City/Midland Tri-Cities players! Take 2

That is not true. I haven’t played in over a month.

Use low tiers.

Talking to Shardz and I have determined that this is the best write up ever. Even if it’s over a year old. HAHAHA

P.S. M/S/P is low tier.

I wanna play World or Workcrap… but seems like my internet is not first enough …

I am playing world of work crap now…

Don’t you all know…

It’s all about Final Fantasy XI!!

Tekken 5. “Nuff Said!”

I took 5th in that damn tournament too.

Yeah that was goo, but nothing beats the whole justin credible saga now that was the best write up on any fourm.

P.S. C.F.E. is top tier.

Man, if C.F.E is top teir then tekken 5 is godly teir.


But you cant play a stupid game like 3s .

I love WoW

I love how I am the 2004 pentathlon champ, Jon harris :nunchuck: killer(In A3, 3rd strike,Mvc2 and any other capcom game you want to add LOL), Oh my I don’t believe he won again :encore: , that was another upset by the :confused:, the true fist of Saginaw and Lansing, I don’t play neverending online games becasuse I’m too cool for school, Trigon is dead so don’t cry :sad: , Saginaw’s true and best fighter, the one and only **T.F.S.! **

Man I can’t wait to play people in C.F.E. oh wait they already did nevermind what I just said even though its all true and you know it! OH well off to being T.F.T.! (True Fist of Tekken 2:4 evolution part 5 that’s never coming to Saginaw!)

The end. Peace!(Its the last day of the semester)

i cant believe you even bothered to post stupid garbage like that. face it Al. street fighter has been dead for a long time in this state. and bragging about sorry ass lansing gamehits tourneys is lame. cause those are the only tourneys you can win. LMAO. i on the other hand have won more than those tourneys, and in multiple games, so choke on that, slap nuts.

P.S. CFE is the worst garbage fighting game ive seen since timekillers.

in other news. i play WoW as well marc and debo.
on Blackhand server - Astennu lvl 20 night elf warrior
on Arthas server - Galder lvl 11 troll hunter

CFE is not that bad.

Dude its all about whipping out Jeff Jarret lines on him, cho-cho-cho-chosen one.

Only tournies I can win!!! I won Saginaw tournaments too! :clap: Anyway what other tournies you won? WoW that game doesn’t even have a point! and my point was and still is You can’t beat me. Period. Not in any tourney play except cvs1 in saginaw for disclaimer use. And another thing It only counts in tourney and if you think that gmhits was a small tourney(except for this year’s Mvc2, superturbo tournies) it wasn’t, how come you didn’t win any and if you didn’t care why did you even go? :confused:

With all jokes aside Jon you will always be my Larry Bird in my tournament life menaing always great comp. And I will own all in tekken 2:4 evolution part 5 thats never coming to saginaw Mi 48602!

P.S. Cfe is good. Only people who don’t understand the concept of the game is erred of the good gameplay.

how many times i gotta tell you bitches its all about whisperwind server. I’m up to lvl36. As for CFE ya’ll need shut up and play cause ummm someones gotta i sure as hell don’t

I played MvC2 today with human comp. I win.