Saginaw, MI: I got paid


I guess I’ll start this!!! I figure with the release of HD remix, and the soon to be released SF4 that we may see new or old faces coming out to play. Hell, maybe we will even scout out some promising people to come over for hookups for more variety to play against. So start posting fools!! That and the usual shit talk and info about random stuff too.

P.S. Dan’s supermrniceguyawesometwinklepose ultra > balrog’s screwyoutwisterpunchgetmoney ulta.


Fact : Balrog runs Saginaw. Look no further than the infamous TFS and NewMoney. Aka Team Give us yo dollas.



Look Me Up

My XBOX Gamer Tag Is DreStinson …Hit me up!


Everybody up here plays on ps3.


My PS3 Gamer Tag Is “DreStinson” (without the quotes) As well!


ohhhhh snap. I got about half the hard mode trials completed so far. Theres some tricky stuff, but nothing overly difficult, lotta the combos are not match practical. =(

I sure wish my internet would work, I wanna play yall online. Gonna do some testing today at ken’s house on my ps3.


Man, you should have revived the whole tri-cities thread. Need to get bill gates on this forum again.


wasnt bill gates the only other dude to post here from the tri cities? he knows he wants to be a part of team saginaw anyway. haha. I need me a hype man to be in my corner for the tourney.


Yo YO that was some hype tourney we gots gits this local bum basher’s ball going! Peace


We still got this Al. I think our showing AFTER the tourney really showed what was up. That kids skills were :lame:


Yes best believe kid that we be da tops up in here sag-beautiful!:pray:
Anyways does anybody know how to link up rog’s bnb ex upper-c.jab, c.short into head butt I cant get the head butt thx


My XBL name is Megatron 021


dre and massu, really good to see yall are still sticking with the street fighter. its been a long time whatchall been up to? did you go to the gamestop tournaments in your area? if so who won? I’d totally be hitting you guys up for online matches but A. I dont own a 360, and B. my internet sucks and wont let me play fighters on my ps3…


I’ve been thinking of getting a little competition going around here? How would you guys feel about doing small $5 buy in tourneys winner take all. I know we can find more players and what not. We ain’t tryin to hustle but uh just something to get a little more serious play and push people harder. I dunno whatever. I’m down for whatever though.

Al, I haven’t tried that combo yet. Next time I got some free time and play I’ll test it out and let ya know.


yah, need to see if Extra spicy has some other friends or if hes a lone player like i used to be before i met yall. If anything we might be able to turn him into some good comp for the group.

Al- to start the combo you can use a variety of setups that lead into the EX dash upper. But when you actually do the EX dash upper, I use the urien tackle trick. Instead of charging downback, then forward and two kicks, do charge downback, forward, downback and two kicks. that way you start to charge a little bit earlier. also doing crouch jab, short XX headbutt is pretty fast. so i roll my thumb on short, and ring finger on fierce. and of course, when you do the headbutt, go from downback to upback to keep the charge for ultra.


Don’t you dare compare yourself to him you actually had an offense when you first showed up I told him online that he needs an offense because I just kept throwing and throwing. Anyways when we hooking up for preparation for round two this Saturday? Hit me up


Hey, for anyone on 360 that wants to get some games in my GT is Shardzy.

Also, you guys should definitely look into coming to the next DigiOps monthly in Ann Arbor! The tourney yesterday had 18 entrants for SF4 even with a buncha ppl no-showing, so let’s make this next one even bigger!


GG’s tonight guys. It’s fun playing bums online, although it totally throws off your serious game. Maybe we can play tomorrow night? Although I’m down for some muh fuckin poker!


Scrubs are skill killers just practice mode a lot more while I seek good comp


Yah, scrubs = execution killers.