SAI vs SAIII. on which characters do you use I and/or III.
I knew I seen a thread on this at some piont in time, but I search for it and couldn’t find it. So Ill post it again.

Backscrew Blow!!!

SAIII always > SAI except vs. a couple characters like chun. but SAIII will still be fine against these characters. IMHO.

So SAIII on every character besides Chun? Anyone else

there was a thread on this a while back, but just for kicks, i’ll put down what SA i use for each character.

Shotos - always Corkscrew Blow. i used to use Rocket all the time, but after reading up and watching some vids of Kokujin and the FFA Vic vs. 5 Star matches, i was converted.

Brothers - Rocket or Corkscrew. Corkscrew is probably the better choice here though.

Necro - either, but i win more when i use Rocket :lol:. weird.

Elena - Corkscrew.

TWELEVE - Corkscrew.

Q - either.

Hugo - Corkscrew.

Urien - Corkscrew.

Remy - either.

Ibuki - Corkscrew. not that i get to play vs. her lots, but i would imagine having more supers is better. that, and Ibuki doesn’t really stay in one place all the time, so having a super that won’t spit your opponent in random directions depending on what angle you hit with is very reassuring.

Alex - Corkscrew.

Chun - either. but i prefer Rocket.

Makoto - either. but i prefer Rocket.

Oro - Corkscrew.


You Can Take Lots Of Tips From There


Someone in that thread said the LP MP HP versions of Corkscrew makes the move come out at different distances? Can someone confirm that? How great is the dif?

i’m not too sure on the actual numbers, but jab Cork barely moves, strong Cork is short/forward Duck distance and fierce Cork is forward/roundhouse Duck distance.

if i recall correctly, jab also recovers faster. if i’m feeling scrubby and i opt to wake up super, then i use jab :lol:.


For juggles where you’re guaranteed to hit, fierce SA3 will usually guarantee you get all 5 hits in. In wakeup situations, retaliating against a wakeup jab SA3 is damn near impossible, it seems to recover in about 6-7 frames or less.

Why You Say Pink Dudley Is Glitched :xeye:

reason i put that is 'cuz every year, there’s one Dudley player from Japan that all of a sudden jumps into prominence. a couple of years back, Fujiwara served notice. last year, it was Kokujin. in the recent SBO qualifiers, it was Munakata. granted, Munakata hasn’t been in the headlines of late, he still played well enough to get some rave reviews. anyway, the two things they all have in common (being Japanese is beside the point) is that they’re all beast and they all use Pink Dudley. oh. and i just happen to use Pink Dudley too :lol:.


Black & Brown and Inkblot (no affiliation with Tom Cannon) Dudley

Anyway I’m stuck on corkscrew right now, its just feels safer than rocket.
SAII is fun if you like late cancels, had a match once where all I did was throw out moves like, and f.hp, waiting for the opponent to dash or whiff a move of his own (joke super)

sa 3 is better in almost every match up for one reason: more bar means more ex, and more super oppurtunities. honestly with rocket u can do like 1 ex move, 2 is iffy to keep bar for super if it’s early in the round, with corkscrew u can take momentum at any time, b/c dudley builds bar quick. against like akuma use sa1 though lol. sa3 is verifiable of of so many moves it lets u mix up beautifully off of so many bread and butter moves. theyr’e both good though no doubt about it. b/c dudley has so many ways to verify super, and cancels off of so much i say corkscrew def.

I like SA3 cause of its comboability ,fast recovery , and the simple fact that I like EX Uppercut. SA1 is nice but I feel much more limited with the bar.

Ive made a thread bout this somewhere in the beginning too =/

IIC: SA1 is good and all, but SA3 is Like a Ken-version of Dudley, hitting xx super everywhere possible.

I use SA3 vs the brothers, because when I use it, sometimes when I wake up with lp SA3, yun/yang arent close enough to do a to punish, so they have to use meter if they want to punish, which isn’t half as bad as getting a GJ on your ass

i think EXes aren’t really the issue, since Dudley charges really fast. it’s more the amount of supers you get that makes me wanna use Corkscrew now as opposed to Rocket (which i was an advocate for not too long ago). back when i used Rocket vs. everyone, i always had enough for an EX MGB combo, but not enough for a super all the time. with Corkscrew, i have stock for an EX + a super and that’s way more useful.

basically it all boils down to versatility and Corkscrew has that over Rocket.

links - Corkscrew = Rocket

anti air - Corkscrew > Rocket

EX stock + having a super - Corkscrew > Rocket

hit rate (as in you’re sure all the hits will connect) - Corkscrew > Rocket

safety - Corkscrew > Rocket

damage - Corkscrew < Rocket*

*for the length of the meter though, i’d put them pretty much equal because Rocket isn’t that much more damaging than Corkscrew.


I think Corkscrew is better anti air, because sometimes Rocket has a tendency to knock the opponent the opposite way, basically wasting meter, while it’s not as big a deal if Corkscrew doesn’t get it’s first hit in, you probably have more stocked anyhow. Plus, I think that shit has weird ass juggle properties, parried dive kick off Yun+ anti air HK XX SA3 is just too good. Any other supers that can “suction” for all the hits like this?

you can also do s. roundhouse xx Rocket Uppercut after parrying a dive kick from either Yun or Yang for full hits. in Coop 1, Fujiwara does this vs. i dunno whose Yang.

i don’t think Corkscrew sucks you in, it just moves forward. it’s dependent on whether you use jab, strong or fierce for activation. sometimes, if you use jab, you’ll only get 4 hits as opposed to 5.

as far other supers having that vaccuum property, Shippu is the first that comes to mind. Shinryuken has it somewhat, but it’s not quite as useful or as extensive.


What factor actually determines which Super Art will be used on which characters?

FOr me its usually how much damage they take. If they take lots of damage I would use SA3 b/c it does decent damage which gets accentuated by them taking extra damage. If they take less damage, rocket upper makes up the difference.

I always like to have a super that will do a game-changing amount of damage off one combo. Really SA1 and SA3 are close though you will have more opportunities to connect with SA3. So the damage kind of evens out. Eh.

Always SAIII, the main reason being safety. That shit is hard to punish if I mess up with it. Rocket Uppercut, though… You can parry 2-3 hits on the third uppercut and practically have enough time to build up super to punish with. :lol: