SAII cancels

Hey, i was wondering if theres any good combos that cancel into SAII?

so far ive only got this:

j.hp, c.lp, c.lp —> SAII (kinda lame, i know)

its kinda hard for me to cancel the last c.lp, ive only done it about 3 times.

EDIT: One more question. isnt a better anti air then c.hp? -> SAII
j.fp -> -> SAII -> SAII

This one works though its a waste of meter…

EX shoulder charge xx SAII

Those are the easier ones to pull off.

Regular Slash Elbow, EX Flash Chop, and MP Flash Chop can also be cancelled into fully-connecting SA2.

k thanks bro. lol i just killed somebody in my local arcade yesterday, he was playing sean (lol!) and i was my fav char. Alex.

i used j.fp -> -> SAII. & alot of fierce flash chop —> SAII. I punished him alot with c.hp & becuase he jumped alot lol. i kept him away with back + mk, and when i saw an opening i dashed in with powerbombs and j.hp, close mk, jab flash chop. Alex is awesome. Cant wait until someone actually makes it to the finals in a tourney with alex. & actually win lol :stuck_out_tongue:

dp+K (air knee smasher) is only good for AA when EX’d. Without the EX it’s only good if you know the opponent is not going to throw an attack. If they throw an attack you get stuffed. f+MP, s.MP or c.HP are better anti airs.

**f+MP ** should be the anti air you use most often along with c.HP. f+MP stops Ken cross up attempts real nice. **s.MP to EX air knee smasher ** is also good stuff as a two hit air juggle. Great for air parry whores.

Use f+HP when the opponent tries to jump out of the corner on wake up. Instead of jumping up in the air they get smashed back on the ground by f+HP.:badboy:

As for comboing into supers…using c.LPx2 to super is not bad by itself. You don’t need to use it with a jump in cuz s.MK usually has enough range to get you to connect the super. Plus a fair hit confirm. Just gotta watch out cuz c.LP x 2 can be parried both high and low. When next to the opponent (preferably on wake up since you gotta be real close) **s.LPx2 to super **works great as well. KSK loves using that one and now I do as well. If I’m correct the s.LP’s can only be parried high so it’s good to mix up with your low attacks to confirm a super up close on wake up.