SAII Followup



Hey you guys. I just picked up SAII just to try it out casually (I’m mainly a SA1 user, Denjin occasionally). It’s quite fun parrying everything to SAII, until everyone realized what I was doing and decided to stay the hell away from me when I got meter

haha… looks like i won’t be using this one seriously anytime soon

OK my question. To those serious SA2 users out there, and by god I know you guys are rare, what do you guys follow up after the super? I know in most of my matches almost every time i connect with this my opponent’s life is usually more than halfway gone, so connecting with this is almost always a free round to me, but there are times where i connect this early in the game and not follow up to add more damage. SA2 matches are rare, and videos are hard to come by so there’s not much i can examine.

By my own training, I guess the best followup would be either RH sidekick or Tatsumaki, but theyre hard to time, and I’d connect like 1 out of 10 times, no matter how much I practise. Any advice from you Ryu players out there on how I should perfect this? Or is there any other easier followups I’m missing?

And enough of the “pick SA1” and shit like that. As I said I’m just using SA2 just to mess around.


You can dash in and do a HP SRK in the corner. If they’re stunned, I jump forward with a HP, and juggle with a SRK. Mid-screen I use HK hurricane, because the timing seems to be the same against most characters, unlike the Joudan. But I’m not sure.


I do HK hurricane as well! But it’s a hit and miss thing for me. Most of the time the body lands before the tatsumaki can connect if I do it straight after I land after the super. Anything I can do to improve the timing?

Hey another thing, I realize sometimes in Q matches they do a crouching jab before following up with the fierce dash punch after they land an SAII to get the timing right. Any chance of using this tactic for Ryu?


The easiest thing to connect with is a fierce fireball. Its really hard to miss with that, but it does like 2 damage. Sometimes I like to reset with a jumping roundhouse into the corner. For the most part though, getting the timing of the joudan/tatsumaki is the way to go.


Fierce Axe kick is my fav.


Whats a fierce ax kick? You mean standing roundhouse right? If so, does that mean I have to dash forward to do it? Sounds impossible.

Jumping roundhouse huh. Thats new. Sounds hard to time though. I gotta try this out. But I’d imagine this wont hurt as much as a HK Tatsumaki or Joudan but if it’s easier to do and has somewhat reasonable damage then I’m game.

I know the hadouken one already, in fact that’s one of the first moves i experimented on. But the damage is so minimal I may as well not do it at all unless he has like a sliver of health left after I do the super. Besides it doesn’t look as cool compared with following up with a joudan :slight_smile:

So there’s no way I can improve the timing for the hurricane followup? Looks like the only way is practicing until i get it then… :frowning: I’ll never get that shit right. Thanks anyway.


Most japanese players do the safest ender and use jump roundhouse.


I just made a post on what follow ups work against who in the main Ryu tactics thread.


No, when you land do a Half circle foward+hard kick,