Which Super is the best to use and why

I know SAII is good for EX Mantis slashes

Some one give me some reasons which one is the better super to use


Most people would tell you SA2. Mantis slashes really are yang’s best offence, and if you’re good at timing you can actually use the super rather frequently. SA1 is a decent super, but 2 and 3 are better options. 3’s pretty cool (especially against some characters), but I just don’t think the damage payoff is enough to warrant giving up those kinky ex slashes.


SA1 also sucks because it’s not a PB parry. Unless it’s used as a counter, it’s EXTREMELY easy to parry


I like SAI but if im going to want to land it i cant throw out many EX mantis slashes unless im owning the person and can get my bar back up

SAII I figure i can Try to get 2 EX mantis slashes in 1 one match and land the super But SAII dont take to much life


It’s usually not worth it to land SA2. It’s useful as anti-air (hilarious, if you ask me) or when you get the right setup (close -> SA2). For the most part, it’s better to burn your meter as EX mantis slashes. If you watch high level vids of yang players, it’s not overly common to see that super landed, but you’ll see about 3-4 EX mantis slashes landed a round. =) BOOYA. I love watching BOSS play…and ripping those EX’s like nobody’s business.


SA2 is better for more EX.

But I use SA1.
If I get in trouble and need a quick reversal… Rising Mohicans is damaging. :slight_smile:
I’m just a scrub.


My strategy evolves right now around cr. mk to mantis slashes. I find myself poking and runnin a lot. I am also starting to work on my mixup game fwrd. mk or palm strikes. I only teleport to get to close to a downed character. Im usually rushing down by jumping (watching for an anti air incase i have to parry) then mk or Mk dive and Cr. jab, cr.jab, cr. fwrd, 2 med. mantis slashes unless it lands of course. Good for meter doesnt combo


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LOL. It does sound like that.

I prefer SAI. I use it to punish my opponents during poking games.


Im not going to use the rising moxicans because u have no room for ex’s if ur hoping to land the super


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he probably yells out RISING MOHICANS along with yang :lol:


Hey Exodus, you’re a baller too. Why don’t you tell us how Seiei Enbu is just a poor man’s Genei Jin? Huh?


that didn’t even make sense. :confused:


If only SA3 had more uses. :wink: It’s a good idea…but it’s so nearly pointless when the setups are either predictable (the arcade “unblockable”) or damned near accidental. Feel free to disagree with me, but that seems to be the general consensus around here. Everybody either uses the crossover air dive kick or …seems to try to poke it in. I’m sure the japanese understand it a hell of a lot more than we do. I’ve just yet to see many yang players touch SA3 in japanese vids. From my understanding, BOSS (last i heard, the #1 yang) uses SA2 on every occasion but one in vids.


iv seen some good resets with sa3, plus u get meter so damn fast, and half life combos exist as well or near half =(



Wow, not many posts on Yang I see :smiley:

Firstly, … yes SA1 is good for damage and has fast recovery when whiffed, but SA2 gives you plenty of EX mantis slash abuse. SA3 gives you a tiny meter, and can be used for pressuring tactics.

I never really use the SA2 super itself very often, and the damage it takes off is pretty useless if you consider the fact that the meter that it uses up can dish out more damage when distributed in EX slashes. I’ve only found it useful to roll under fireballs and punish them whilst they’re in fireball pose.


Anything SAI can do SAII can do just as well or better. It can combo from c.forward (among other things), it can hit airborn opponents for more damage, it can store more meter for EX Mantis Slashes, it’s harder to parry, it can roll under fireballs, and it can be busted spontaneously or on wake-up. Really, the only reason to use SAI at all is for style points, because it’s definitely one of the coolest SA’s in the game.

I’ve heard SAIII is actually more effective than SAII against certain characters, but I still go with SAII every time.


Erm, SAI is definately more powerful than SAII, making it a possibility (not necessarily the best choice, but a legitimate one) against characters like Akuma and Ibuki that take insane amounts of damage.


One reason. Hit-confirm combos.