SAII Sean:3s Counter Character

You now what sean needs a strat…ok I’ll write one…

*his axekick beats all of ken’s DPs(hitting them with your feet NOT your body) except feirce(trades)
*axekick is for jump in
*axekick counters all of ken and ryu’s fireballs except fierce(start at the same time).
*dragon smash is more of a sharp overhead/point blank AA(very short range hitbox)
*Tornado is a more linear close jump in AA(along with st. rh)
*Tackle counters all exclusive high attacks(like kens axekick and MP)
*basketball can create some parry bait and wake-up unblockables(corner)
*DON’T SPAM HIS SPECIALS OUT IN THE OPEN OR BEFORE YOU KNOW WHAT ATTACK YOUR OPPONENT IS ABOUT TO USE(counter with beating attack in realtime while they are in startup frames of thier attack). Sean is a counter character that turtles and waits for the opponent to do an attack do you can counter with a move that beats it. HE’S TOO SLOW TO SPAM ATTACKS LIKE CHUN( higher risk)YOUR ATTACKS WILL BE PARRIED AND YOU WILL BE COMBOED.
*SAII is your best super art. It has more invincibility frames than shin-shoryuken. Making it the highest priority move in the game.It also can be followed up with an unblockable.
*roll counters grabs and exclusive highs…
*Sean has the quickest grabs
*use the roll to crosses up

Wait what do you mean by SA II unblockable?
Just a few tips:
If anyone’s going for combos into SA’s, start with Jumping HP–>Standing HK–>SA.
That’s the best startups for them as they do good damage to start with.

Sean has an unblokable? Is this true? I need some one to confirm this because I never hear of Sean with an unblokable setup

This was in one of the other Sean threads… dunno if this actually works though; I just remember reading about it once.

Damn, SAII unblockable. Amazing…

His throw is unblockable.

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Is it me…or does SA III beats Ken’s SA III at close range?

Just look at Yuk_Fai’s post right below yours in this thread, he quoted it from the other thread. Yes it does work. Only after SA II, because that is the only move Sean has that cannot be tech rolled. I have gotten it to work on Urien, Chun-Li, and Ken. Some funky shit happened when I did it to a Ken player at Final Round 8. I hit Ken with SA II, did the setup. He parried the ball which came from the front, and I was behind him and hit him with cs.FP. I cancelled to Sean’s DP but the ball hit him again at the same time as the FP hit. Of course the hit stun from the ball is mad short so the DP didn’t combo :wow: wtf!

Also keep in mind, it works best when you hit people on the ground with SAII. So most likely when you’re doing down SK/MK xx SA II or using SA II as wakeup or to punish pokes. I said it only works on Urien, Chun, Ken but it may work on other people if you hit them anti-air with SA II. Since everyone has a different fall speed in 3S. It has to be tested though.

1- Read my sig
2- I found/noticed some interesting stuff about SA III:
a) You can go under some projectiles & mid-level attacks at the start-up when Sean is dashing forward
b) If Player 1 does Shin Shoryuken & at that instant Sean does SA III…neither will connect with one another!

you’re basically just noticing that it has invincibility lol. Well I prefer SA II versus any other super in the game because it beats everyother super in the game, including Shin Shoryuken, in terms of invincibility.

More interesting stuff about SA III- can link off of cs.FK and cr.MP. (very invaluable, especially since you get a crazy long window to link off of FK). Or you can down SK x 2 into SAIII too.

What’s SK?
Yeah I usually do Jumping HP–>Standing HKxxSA III, does 50% damage to a life bar w00t!

sk is short kick

Now im just wondering how big of a window do i have to pull this off. Also say i were to get the super to connect and get the dash off and i throw the ball, and while im rolling they parrie the ball or block it. will i still be able to connect another attack?

Actually you have a very small window at least on the characters noted above. I have done it once on another person where I threw the ball too early. Oh and if they parry the ball or block doesn’t matter. It’s like the Oro yagyou dama unblockable in that effect.

I wonder: will Sean’s SAII beat Seraphic Wing (assuming that your positioning is perfect)? I always assumed that Gill’s invincible during the duration of his super (after the flashing screen shit comes out), but I’ve never actually tried to hit him.

I think it was shown that he is invincible during the whole thing. Someone, I don’t remember who, made a video showing Oro doing his ex yagyou super just before seraphic wing started, and Gill didn’t get hit out of the super.

is it possible to get a video of some one doin his unblockable. so i could see what the timing looks like