SAII setup(s) and more!

I have trouble using this SAII setup after I command grab(HCB + any kick) the opponent:

Fierce cancel into SAII, the fierce hits, but the SAII got blocked, I have seen people do it, but I cannot do it myself?

Also the timing after the command grab is very hard.

Any tips everyone?

Are there anymore setups for SAII?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

to combo into SAII u hav to b near a corner with ur bak facing the corner, at least less than hav screen. hope tat helps

well actually not the corner more like near the end of the screen, i dun mean corner like end of the stage. hope this helps

I don’t think that’s true… but I’m not entirely sure.

the stickied thread here is your friend.

“What is the proper spacing to combo SAII (Abare Tosanami) off of Makoto’s FP?”

In order for the super to connect after the FP, you must be on “your side” of the screen. If your back is too far away from the wall, the super will not connect.

So for example, if you have your opponent with his back to the wall, past the timer, on his side of the screen, the super will not connect. If you are on your side of the screen, behind the timer, or your back to the corner, the super will connect.

Some people use a noise cue, and hit fp after she yells. Maybe that helps.

He’s talking about hp xx SAII.

Yeah, anywhere beyond the start of the timer and it wont connect. It’ll only connect if you’re inside the region of the health bar, on the side of the screen you’re on. You can also land it off an Oroshi under the same conditions, although it’s a high risk manouver because the Oroshi has really slow start-up.

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Demon Dash, your av is top tier. :clap:

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Connecting Fierce to SAII

I’m playing makoto for a few months now but I still have hard time getting that combo consistantly and it gets very frustrating… when is the best time to start doing the qcf qcf motion? I think it’s a timing issue I’m facing or maybe I try to do the qcf, qcf too fast? Any tips would help. Thx

It’s easy. I don’t think “too fast” is a problem. Trust me on this. You have to simply nail it as fast as you can during the chop animation. What I find tht helps me is after I karakusa, I do HP and hold HP as I do the motion, and keep holding it as I do my kick. Do you have to? Of course not, but for some reason it’s comfortable for me and I can nail it almost every time. I think it takes away me thinking too much about doing the button press and puts my focus on nailing the motion. The very very moment you hit that fierce button, you better start that motion.

to stick the spider man super the character must be on your side of the time clock. Put makotos back to the wall and judge the time clock distance. Which is about half the screen. If you do s.fp right under the clock it causes them to slide and out of the hit frames which will cause block. So her max range is a little before the time clock on her side of the screen.



The picture is sort of bobo but you should get the point. M stands for makoto O stands for opponent. 99 is the time clock and the __ things is the end of the stage. Ignore the periods. a s.fp link passed the time clock wont work and sometimes you can be under the clock and do it right and it wont work either. That happens because you just barely tapped them out of her connection range.

also about the s.fp connection. Its a cancel so as soon as the s.fp hits your super should come out. Her hand should still be in the opps face when the super starts up. I dont know how much lee way youll have for the cancel window but if you do it as it hits, youll probably never miss it. A pre buffer is probably the best way. So like s.fp qcf qcf (s.fp hits) press kick. Its fast timing to do it and it takes a while to get the timing down. Dont get mad if you cant ge t it because its hard to do anyway.

Also, when people refer to it as “her side of the screen” they don’t only mean that one side with her health bar on it. It works on both sides, but has the same principle.



  1. does the kick button strength matter when doing the karakusa? does it affect the timing of the combo afterwards?

  2. why is SAI used on the twins so often. also, what SA should be used on what characters?

The your side the of the screen rule is very general and applies to everybody, but the actual max range of the combo is character specific.

General rule of thumb for that is the bigger they are the farther it can combo from.
of course this requires you to cancel as early as possible. But on characters like urien, and hugo its closer to your 55%+ half of the screen

I think her kara kusa is her kara cancel. Im not sure. If you mean karakusa as in her super, yes it matters. The closer they are towards the wall the shorter her kick has to be. The fk version wont work all the time. When you learn how to s.fp cancel, start messing around with the distance and see where all the versions connect from.

and the sa1 vs twins. On counter plus combo does like up too if not more than 50%? I dont know the exact number but it does alot. It seems like more than 50% but ive never seen it as an opener so I dont know the exact damage. But yea parry sa1 is big fucking damage vs twins. When your going against a good yun player it will definetly help you out. Also holding onto it will stop some of his moves if the opp knows that you can parry punish.

After youve landed the super chances are that hes near dead if you didnt stick it earlier in the round. Play safe, land a few hayates, add a throw and I think yun should be dead. Way easier to play against yun when you have a half life damage option. If you miss it your FUCKED maybe. Depends on how smart your comp is.

Karakusa is the name of Makoto’s command grab.