SAII Tutorial Vid


I got bored, and decided to whip up a quick little vid showing off Dudley’s underappreciated little overachiever, Rolling Thunder. Yes, it only has one bar. Yes, it doesn’t link if you do walkup f.rh -> SAII. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…let’s have some fun with SAII!

Clicky clicky.

Video contains:

  • a comprehensive demonstration of links into SAII (most of them hitconfirmable). See it link off of his f.rh overhead in three different ways!
  • common moves from the big three characters that can be punished with some SAII loving, including Ken’s standing roundhouse and Yun’s jab/short/strong chain
  • some useful resets (in the corner), 50/50 high low for big damage or 100% stun
  • useful juggle enders, especially if it stuns them (the odds of which are fairly high, as a basic jump-in fierce, stand roundhouse, link SAII does some 75% stun)
  • spiffy music!

I hope people find it interesting/useful. Comments and critique always welcome.

wow this is actually very usefull, i tend to use saII alot and i always base it all on jab pokes to get it in, i have a question though, on the 100% stun does it work on everybody?

It works on the characters you can land the walkup on, so not on Oro, ibuki, remy, alex or the twins.

damnnnnn such a sicksicksick vid~~~~i love the song

do u mind if i post this link at other sites?? i will refer them back to this thread of course

No, that’s perfectly fine. Glad you liked it!

Cute video. Shame Rolling Thunder does such sucky damage for the bar. The meaty Dart Shot link to SA2… does that work on everyone (if done as a meaty)?

Yes, it does.


i use Thunder every now and then 'cuz linking it from s. roundhouse is probably the easiest thing in the game LOL. that and the super actually inflicts stun!

i have a question though. i saw you do twds + strong link into RT. Ken was crouching when that was done so i’m assuming it’s a crouching only link. question is, does that work on anyone that’s crouching?


I’m pretty sure it works on everyone, but not everywhere. You have to do it from max range, so it hits with the very end of his fist. The same is true for linking it off of his towards + fierce.

The regular standing fierce, though, works everywhere and from any distance, so if you see you stuffed a crouching attack with it…bam!

good to know. so basically, it’s like a longer ranged UOH in the sense that you can only link into a super from a UOH under specific conditions.

nice. i’ll be experimenting more with Thunder, perhaps in fighting vs. Ken so i can reversal super some of his attacks.

btw, i really liked the vs. Q and vs. Makoto combos.


So…in the interest of completeness, I’ve gone ahead and updated the punishment section of the video. It now shows all the moves from Yun, Chun, and Ken that can be punished w/Rolling Thunder, instead of just a selection. I’ve also improved some of the old clips in that section, so they represent more realistic positions.

awesome update. i had no idea you could reverse all those moves. i’ll really have to try using Rolling Thunder for a few serious matches.


Is there a way to DOWNLOAD that vid plz?

LOL, perfect song for the video, that shit had me cracking up.

Great video; Rolling Thunder may not be the best SA for Dudley, but it’s sorely underestimated. I have a friend that plays Dudley who does best against me when he uses Rolling Thunder, cos if you do one thing like an extraneous backdash, you get Roll’ed, it’s hilarious.

Anyways, the only critique I have is maybe to make the text on the character specific combos come out a little more, or maybe put them in an easier place to notice. But other than that…seriously great stuff. Good job!

@ Akutai Gamma: there’s a download link on the right side of the page, but it will only play with the Google Video Player.

@ Garbage: Where do you think would be better in terms of text placement? I thought the current spot was pretty good, but I’m not against looking into some alternatives for it.

I also realized that I haven’t said much at all regarding strategy with this super, so…here’s some of my thoughts on the matter.

Not many people are very familliar with this super, so they don’t usually know what to watch out for. Dudley with Thunder stocked is a completely different beast than Dudley with no meter, kinda like how the game against Chun completely changes the instant she charges up that first super. With a bar of Thunder stocked, pretty much all of Dudley’s best pokes become a potential 50% + knock down & fling into the corner. Plus, there are all sorts of moves that Dudley traditionally has a hard time punishing that just aren’t safe against a stocked Thunder. Unfortunately, like Chun, he has to fight for a while with no super and sparse EXes, and, unlike Chun, once he uses it, he has to stock it back up again from zero.

For this reason, if you find yourself in a stituation where you’re guaranteed a chance to punish someone (say, you blocked a super or an uppercut), and you’ve got the super stocked, take my advice: don’t use it. Do an EX machine gun blow combo, and whiff some standing roundhouses as they fall, or just do xx fp jet uppercut. You’d get some extra damage and stun if you did the super, but you’d lose the threat of linking into it from half the screen away, and of punishing a predicted poke. Save your meter for those things, rather than blowing it all on a combo you were going to get anyways.

Just my $0.02.

Hey great vid! Never knew that Rolling Thunder was such a useful super. I’ve been playing around with it now and it seems to be able to go through Ryu’s fireball supers so maybe it could be it viable option against Denjin Ryu’s.

OK I’ll try to install the Google VP in my PC at home & try the link thanks.

LOL. that’s totally what i do. the only time i use the super is off of links/hit confirmable chains while poking, not necessarily to punish missed supers or uppercuts UNLESS they are about to die.


Or would be stunned with SAII.

Is there a trick to getting that reset going? I find it really hard to hit. Inch forward, go to neutral and hit mp. Keep missing.

Personally, I hold towards the opponent the entire time he’s punching them, and then release and after I see his arm swing up. That way, I can be sure he inches forward at the earliest possibly opportunity. Don’t know if it’ll be any easier for you that way, but there you go.