SAII Unblockable

Didn’t see this posted anywhere… Probably because it would be useless if it even worked.

I actually had this dream this last night (I know I have a problem and need to stop). I didn’t have time to test it and I’m at work now so I can’t. In the dream it was a knockdown (down+fierce) I can’t remember if it got rolled out of or not but an ex sphere asap after the uppercut so it passes over them as they are standing then a rh tackle as soon as they’re up that pushes them back into the sphere canceled immediately from the hit into SAII (combos of rh tackle). Might not work but had to see if anyone tried this before.


NO, okay? No.

Didn’t even think about how ridiculous it sounds until I read it later. Sorry

the sphere travels to fast imo, if you want it to work it’d be some kind of joint co-operation like start at one side of the screen ex sphere (opponent jumps over it and starts to back dash) in which case i’m sure it would work but otherwise… probably not =p

it’s cool that your trying to re-invent the game though =)

Yeah, involuntarily and in my sleep with shit that doesn’t work or matter :shake:

It does WORK!!! I set Ryu up in training to auto guard and quick stand. Uppercut and just as he is landing throw the ex sphere which ends up slightly behind him and ex tackle as soon as you can. From there you can do the super and a couple of times I got cr mk to tackle to combo after also. Did I make something up in my sleep or has someone already done this?

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Just thought of something else. That’s an unblock able attack with no super necessary. Does any other character have those? I hope this isn’t old news…

hey thats something interesting! Ill give it a shot tommorow. It seems like an awful waste of meter but better than what i did today a maxium meter combo only…Jumping Roundhouse standing fierce ex blade kick off the wall shinshoryuken another ex blade kick and another shin shoryuken. Its completely worthless. I dont think cr Mk combos with tackle…iirc. good stuff if it works.


it did combo in this i think because of the hit stun from the last hit of the ex sphere. I am not nearly as excited as I was when I was blazed last night. I know it’s a waste of meter but I’d just never seen it before

You my friend are the new RX… okay i lied

Oro has one with EX fireball

Really? I thought so but had never seen it.

Does that even work with full meter? I don’t see how.

[media=youtube]t2ZffhnvXFg"[/media] - at 0:10

neat. what about the one with urine? is it new? i searched and found nothing close. I’ll put a vid up in a couple of hours. I hope I get to take credit for this, I haven’t been the first to do something in a game since I found the correct pattern for all the bosses in NES adv. of tom sawyer

They are uploading…
I didn’t try to do to much but confirm it. I’ll leave creativity to people who are actually good
Quality sucks it big time


The other one is still processing but it will be here

I’m not sure that makes sense, have you tried blocking it? I think for an unblockable, the two hits in question have to originate from two different sides, but you casted the EX sphere from the right side and then tackled from the right side, so it would be blockable by holding left. I dunno, it’s just from my understanding of the engine physics, but try blocking it and see what happens.

I have other vids where the dummy is set to all guard or whatever it’s called and it still hit if timed right. I need to find my other camera

thats blockable wtf