I was wondering how to execute SAIII after Akuma’s BnB combo. For example: Fierce -> Short Hurricaine -> SAIII doesn’t seem to work. I’ve seen this Combo/Super executed in videos, so I’m sure it must work. Is there a Jab Reset after the Hurricaine (before the SAIII)? I understand that for practical play, SAIII is useless. I would like to know for the sake of understanding Akuma’s mechanics.


U can start SAIII right after LK-Tatsu or u can do it after lp-reset, but then the opponent will be eble to parry it.

SAIII is very usefull, but not in combos(actually, the classik HP-SRK combo is the only combo U need). SAIII is for hit confirming! After {cr.MK} or { x 2}. And it’s also up to a2a combat cause it’s hard to parry.

Actually, there isn’t a big difference in what SA to use for a skilled Gouki player, cause he would hold the meter for SGS or KKZ.

SA3 is rubbish - dont use it. You’re only wasting your time trying to figure out ways to land it because:
Only 1 or 2 ways coincide with how to land sa1
The damage on it is rubbish compared to what you could get with sa1.
A combo into sa3 has even worse damage.
A missed sa3 is paradise to punish. Missed sa1 has to be punished with a quick attack.