Saikyo and religion:




Just wanna say that i really want to start using Dan as a secondary fighter, thus following the saikyo path. I want to know if i can practise my religion next to saikyo, is that allowed or does it have to be 100% commitment?

PS: i dont want any stupid remarks about my religion, that means that i will not reveal it.


The path to true Saikyo power is no cakewalk! You wouldn’t handle it without full commitment!


You can. But bear in mind that, should it come to it, Dan will kick the ass or asses of whatever deity or deities that you worship.


Darn it, can i leave Saikyo then? Ill follow Shotokan instead.


Ah but if you follow Saikyo diligently you can do as Dan and beat up your god…




What they said, only the best main Dan. Also, there is no greater/satisfying victory then a Gadouken Legendary Taunt Finish… pure ecstasy lol


I would rep you.

A million times.


I’m pretty sure j.LK Danku beats religion clean.


I demand the high Saikyo-court of Hibiki to hear me out and grand me the right to have a religion and learning Saikyo at the same time.


You can have a religion and learn Saikyo. You just won’t master Saikyo, is all. That’s okay. Someone who can learn half of what Dan teaches is still a formidable fighter, capable of superhuman feats of taunting. At its heart, though, Saikyo is about having the utmost confidence in yourself, knowing that you are good enough to triumph against any obstacle, and as such the only way to truly master Saikyo is to believe that you are the supreme power in the universe. As such, Saikyo mastery doesn’t mesh well with most religions, given that they tend to have their own supreme powers as well.

But by all means, you can embrace Saikyo anyway. You’ll never rise to the very top of its ranks, but you can still easily surpass the jobbers who use Shotokan or Muay Thai or Kung-Food.


I taunted Zeus once. He RQ’d.

And that’s what happened to Greek Mythology.


Yeah, he plays a pretty weak turtle Blanka. He likes to bust out the Ultra when you try to pressure him on wake up so be prepared to block and punish.


Well, my request for bringing my problem to the next Saikyo-Ryuu meetimg is accepted, wish me luck.


Shotokan is the devil.

Real talk.


fixed :slight_smile:


THIS IS WIN. Everyone should plus rep him now.



Whell, i just got back, man is this guy cool… and arrogant.

When i walked in the dojo, i whas greeted by his secretary, a good looking asian girl, anywayz, she asked me to waith in the hall and asked me if iwanted to drink something; i asked for coffee. ‘Mr Hibiki has forbidden any drinks that are intoxicating, cafeine is not healty and gives you energy you dont need, whe have fresh squeezed mandarines or just water’, i choose the latter.

After 30 minutes she walked me to the dojo where HE whas sitting; a long pink robe with chineese letters on his left side, that go’s from up to bottom. He whas sitting on a levitaded chair like thingy, this because i dint have anything to sit on, so took my position in front of him waithing him to tell me to sit down, with my feet folded one on another.

Hibiki: I have heard that you want to join the glorious way of the Saiko-ryuu.
Me: yes sir
Hibiki: did i asked you to answer that?
Me: …
Hibiki: smart kid, now answer the first question.
Me: Sir i would like to learn Saiko-ryuu.
Hibiki: and you want to still keep your religion. You may answer.
Me: Yes sir.
Hibiki: What religion do you follow? You may answer.
Me: (religion)
Hibiki: ow, thats cool, your in kid, congrats…


What the hell is “Saiko-ryuu”? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s “saikyo” as in “the strongest” although technically it’s a long ‘o’ sound so should be written “saikyou”, “ryuu” just means style, pretty much the same as “ryuugi” which he shouts out when doing Ultra “Saikyou-ryuugi!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t pick on his spelling too much. :wink: He’s from the Netherlands, so English likely isn’t his first language. Belittling people for mispelling things in their second or third language is something we might expect from the Ryu or Sagat forums, but Saikyo is universal!