Saikyo blockstring question



Has anyone come up with an optimal block string with Dan? lp lp lk>mixup works but seems to be lacking in damage.


That poor Q&A thread I made has got lost somewhere on the first page :frowning:

c.LP x2 > s.LP x2 > s.LK
c.LP x3 > s.LP > s.LK

Work on most standing characters, if crouching best you can do is 3 or 4 hits (so minus the s.LP).

But really most of the time you’ll be aiming to get an LK Dankuu (Knee) in there, be it a bare Knee or from a jump-in combo or grounded combo since you’ll get the best mix-up options after a blocked Knee and good pressure options after scoring a knock down with a Knee.


you could cancel any of those to a knee though, right? It wouldnt combo, but you could “hit confirm” if you need to knee or keep hitting with baby moves. Or just cancel the lk? Not sure if that works though…Or just throw out the knee during or after? Most good people will just block and await grabs, while most online players/begginers will be mashing a reversal, so change the gameplan to that situation…or just mix it up, because sometimes the begginer may surprise you and not use a reversal, or the good player will just shoryu fadc ultra you because you didnt respect his meter…its all just another mindgame.


throwing a knee in middle of blockstring isn’t recommended. option select will stuff the lk.knee every time. but if your opponent doesn’t use it you can throw out a lk.knee once you are correctly spaced.


You can’t cancel into a Knee from chained normals, you’d have to leave a big enough gap between the normals to allow the cancel. If you want to go that route your best option would probably be doing c.LPx2 (small pause) c.MK xx Knee.

There are zero hit confirms into Dankuu other than EX Dankuu (s.MP > LP xx EX Dankuu and so not worth it), that’s unless you’re able to use a jump-in as a hit confirm or use a Gadouken FADC to hit confirm (expensive confirm).


you dont have to chain normals, i ussually try not to its a bad habit
and also i didnt know the option select beats it, that sucks.


If Dan wants his jabs/shorts to be an actual tight blockstring, he has to chain them, because they don’t give frame advantage on block like most other people’s. The only moves Dan has that give frame advantage on block are the Knee of Justice and a long-distance EX Danku.

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone talk about EX Danku like that. When used from a long distance, it should produce the same effect as a deep Knee, giving some frame advantage. It’s active for 8 frames and is -3 when blocked immediately, so you should be able to get up to +5 frame advantage out of it if it’s blocked on the last active frame. Can we get a tester in the house to double-check that? :wink:


I knew EX Dankuu was safe from SPD reversals from the right range, didn’t realise it was something like that though. That’d be pretty hard to test (and it’s actually +4 :P), I guess if you can try setting it up to do from maximum range then doing a jab it would beat reversal SPD but not sure about reversal instant Ultra. I’ll have a play with it.

And yeah, as XHM said if you don’t chain normals it’s not a tight block string and therefore leaves enough room for someone to do a reversal in the middle of your attacks.

Edit: It does appear to be a true block string if you hit them on last frame it’s active, at least I wasn’t able to get it to do a reversal SPD. Trouble is making sure you hit it at max range, at the very least you can jump away quite safely since you just need to be on 0 at least, that’s the last 5 of the 8 active frames so shouldn’t be too hard to space that.


Wow i didnt know that…guess i should stop doing that and start chaining them.

yes i actually did know that ex dankuu is really good on block. standing mk and crouching mk to gadou or ex dankuu is my only real footsie game haha. full range to ex dankuu is great for getting in, and maybe dealing damage. however it is a bit expensive and sometimes at full range the last two hits of the dankuu just miss :frowning:


Blurf! I’m going to check this right now. :\

Update: Yep. Long range EX Danku is safe as all hell. No video, but the frame advantage is pretty beefy.

I think the reason this has flown under the radar so long is that EX Danku on hit goes into it’s own animation. Block or Whiffed EX Danku doesn’t, and continues on with it’s original animation.


And it’s a bit expensive to set up frame traps and mix-ups :stuck_out_tongue: If you whiff you’re open to punishment briefly though :frowning:


I’ve been using EX Danku like this forever, just too stupid to realize it was significant :-x


Actually, I think this is plenty viable if timed correctly. You won’t cross over most characters on wakeup with it, which means it should be able to be used meaty to break through crouch-techs much like Ryu’s EX Tatsu. Instead of putting you both at neutral, though. You get a massive frame advantage. :smiley: