Saikyo Dashing



I’ve been stealing a lot of ideas from Youtube Dans, and a constant that I see is Dan using his dashes a lot. Dan’s game involves a loooot of dashing. Why is that?


Dan has a good backdash


harder to hit a moving target


Both dashes have a lot of range (among the highest in the game) and his Backdash only has 2 grounded recovery frames meaning if he is hit out of his backdash he air recovers.

When you look at other dashes you’ll see that Dan’s backdash while not the fastest is far and the number of airborne frames is I believe the highest or 2nd highest in the game. Even Chun has 3F grounded recovery frames on her backdash. Blanka has 6, Deejay has 9, Ryu has 7, Cody has 16(lol), Cammy has 5. Having such a low number of grounded recovery frames means it is very difficult to punish Dan’s back dash even if you DO hit him during it.


According to the data I found Dan’s backdash is decently long but has NO airborne stuff. It’s all grounded from what I saw.


ya to my knowledge all his backdash frames are grounded which means if Cammy U1’s you during backdash she gets full damage and animation


ALL backdashes are airborne after the invincibility wears off as of AE. Your data is either outdated or just wrong.


Feel free to test it on your own if you don’t trust this.


Dan can hit Dan’s backdash with crMK, according to Eternal’s data this would seem very unlikely…
EDIT: it actually resets him into the air, sorry :slight_smile: