Saikyo Dojo(Dan PSN/XBL Thread)

All Dan Users Post Your PSN Or xbox live gamertags here!


PSN: uzumakool

PSN: JasinTheBard


Im still new to using Dan, but the more practice I get the better.

Xbox360: hyperetai hit me up anytime I am working on getting everyone to C rank for the achievement but I do main dan so if you want a match or want to train on someone specific hit me up.

psn: arfenhouse_

would love to do endless battles against dans or any other characters.

XBL: PKSkyler

add me in augest when i get my live back

Live : TheTaiwanNinja

Just got my Fight Stick at Evo so would like some people to practice against.

XBL: Thee Mufasa
PSN: Mufasa2

Add me, Saikyo brothers! My Dan is DANLIKE.
Invite me to some Endless Battle sessions!

XBL: SalvaNos9999

On almost every day, at least for a little bit!

XBL & GFWL: Feimitsu
Location: Budapest, Europe

PSN: NoStylin
Location: USA, California
Connection: Cable Wired.

PSN: Ixion_90
XBL: Ixion90
Location: Sweden

XBL: Ayo Punky
PSN: TrueGamerCT
Location: Connecticut, USA

I play more on xbl but my live will be shut off soon and will be transferring my skills on PSN more often. My secondary is Hakan if anyone need match up knowledge of him.

XBL: ResidentStevil0

PS3 DropDeadEddy

I have a lot of vids in the replay channel

PSN Madrespect
still learning so don’t hate

posting abit late but…
Xbox live: Im Just Sam
Location: United Kingdom

XBOX/PS3/PC = MacabreMonster