Saikyo reminder- ixion competes in dreamhack tomorrow 15/6 - stream available



Just a reminder, Dreamhack will be a 64 man 1-day tournament tomorrow, and Infiltration, Laugh and Ryan Hart will be there as well as the best active Dan in the world, swedish princess Mr. Ixion_90 himself.

So check that stream out and send some positive Saikyo energies cause if he does well it really could bring more attention to the character, plus he deserves ir for playing a fucking Dan on a fucking pad professionally, cause, i mean, wtf

Go Ix!


Don’t believe in yourself Ixion! Believe in me who believes in you!


Ixion did GREAT and ended up 5-2, losing to Infiltration in losers’s semifinals. Really really good shit, let’s wait til he shows up to share his experience


They just posted this:


More people talked about Ixion’s hair than anything else on the stream, including Popi’s victory and Infiltration’s brown jacket


They uploaded another with him vs skatan’s chun li (I added it to the above post)


Thanks a ton you guys, it warms my heart so see all the support you give… top 8 at DreamHack, I’m very happy with that!
Unfortunately I didn’t make top 4 in the Swedish Championship, got knocked out by Skatan actually. I was one round away from winning the match and in that case I would have been in the top 4 in Skatan’s stead facing Ettelman, Yagami (uhhh…), and Popi. So I’m a bit sad about that to be honest.

UltraDavid made an entire Level 3 Focus episode about me and my play at DreamHack, thank you so much man, I was thrilled to see this video.
Just a paranthesis though about the Vega matchup; Vega actually has a low profile move against Dan, which is cr.MP… it goes far down forward and somehow ducks under the L Danku. Check it out if you want.


Ixion, why didnt you use Ultra 1?

That’s the question that everyone has been asking themselves


is there any footage of the ixion vs. infiltration match?



Why Ultra 2???


Damn, if air ex dan kicks came out.


I’ve gotten the question about the choice of ultra about five times now… and I had no reason. I’ve just always used U2 on all characters but Honda, Blanka, Zangief, T. Hawk, and Juri… Someone asked me right after why I didn’t use U1. When I thought about it I was like…

I mean customarily I don’t feel I need U1 against Akuma, but when he’s playing extremely lame then I really should consider changing. But I just completely forgot about the possibility of changing. :frowning: Very fail.


In the heat of the moment, with the focus and the adrenaline and all concerns, it might be hard to switch gears like that. When’s the next Dan tournament?


that was the lamest i’ve seen anyone play on a tournament ever. It granted him the win but jesus was it painful to watch.


Infiltration plays to win. Always did, always will. He doesn’t take chances. In a way it’s good because if you beat him he has no excuses.

But yeah that was lame as shit. Why does Akuma need teleport anyway? Why is this move in his arsenal to begin with? He has a 3f DP and demon flip and the fastest walkspeed in the game


He has teleport so you can OS that bullshit. Although, only a few character can do it.


That’s right. It`s essentially a get out of jail free card for a number of situations against most characters, not to mention that dealing with it requires knowledge and execution of OSs, and that’s IF it comes to mind since there is a TON of other things he can do to deal with pressure, including a 3f DP that can be cancelled on the 2nd hit.

Not to mention the fact that I think he just created a school of Akumaness because since Dreamhack every single Akuma I’ve fought is laming me out like that. Ixion’s got it right when he picked Cammy as a pocket character, because this is bullshit by the shovel-load. :smiley:


I honestly don’t know what you are talking about when you say that his playstyle is lame. He finds the characters weakness, develops a strategy to exploit it and back it up with strong fundamentals if the opponent gets through it to counter that characters strong points. He plays just like we all do. We all exploits weaknesses of different characters to make sure that we win. We don’t constantly jump on Sakura or Ryu because we know that they have powerful anti-airs. We don’t stay mid-range and try to out-footsie Chun Li or Rose. We certainly don’t try to rushdown Zangief or Hakan with unsafe moves. No, we all exploit Dee Jay’s and Makoto’s inability to deal with opponents on their own wake-up. We all use Focus Attack against Balrog due to the extent he can be punished by it. We all try to stay in close on Dhalsim or El Fuerte because of their poor close-up game.

Infiltration was smarter and that’s why he won. Simple as that. By calling him “lame”, you’re pretty much insulting everyone.


This is an age old issue, but when I say lame I refer to the plethora of tools at Akuma’s disposal which make him dominant or safe in most situations, and capabe of controlling distance extremely well. I have no problem with balanced characters with solid tools, or imbalanced characters with exceptional tools to offset weaker ones. Akuma is "lame’ because he has some exceptional tools, many great tools, and very very few weak ones.

Infiltration is smart, and plays smart, and good for him, he wins often. But sometimes it’s lame. Using broken mechanics to win is lame. That’s me. If you take insult, that’s you.