Saikyo-ryuu for Dummies: Dan Video Thread!



I noticed we didn’t have one; the Rose forum has LOADS of Rose matches ATM, but not Dan? BLASPHEMY I SAY!
Here are a few matches I managed to find, if any can find more, please do post them. Oh and sorry but I can’t view YT at college >_<
[media=youtube]Km3TEn0Dxvo&fmt=18[/media] (1 round only, but A MUST WATCH!)


Alright analysis time!
From the first Rose vs. Dan match we can conclude-
1- Dan is not invincible to some attacks during his EX Gaduken
2- Do not use Gaduken as anti-air, use Koryuken instead
3- EX-Danku-kyaku is good
4- Air Danku-kyaku is good too
5- Gaduken seems to have some start-up lag

If anyone can point out some other stuff please do!


Wow, those first 2 matches are terrible.

Do these guys even play street fighter?


First match seemed OK, besides the game’s just out, cut them some slack. The matches at least give a few info on how Dan is in the game.


I can post more info than those matches show, just not ATM cause wife sleeping. If you can play a Shoto you can play him better than those goofballs do. It was like just throwing out the ultra randomly. In the vs Sakura vid the guy whiffed the ultra like 3 times!!!

There are actually Japanese PSN players maining Dan in ranked matches. I’ll let you know what I come up with.


Sweet! Looking forward to the info :tup:
Yeah I noticed how the player in the 4th match didn’t bring out the Ultra at certain points.


I swear, after all the videos of seen of dan. The only times he gets knocked out of his ultra are when he gets nailed with a shoryuken, which ive only seem the cpu do to dan. And that one vs fei long match where he got hit in the head right as it started up. This ultra is on par with the shamwow.




Roses ultra. lol.


That third match: :wow: at EX Danku recovery.


Ok guys I have been playing Dan today in friendly matches (won’t let him lose another 250 ranking points!) and I can tell you a few things. Dan Kick 1 hit and EX are very much safe on block, I was fighting Ken and he just could not uppercut me or do anything that I couldn’t block. 1 hit Dan kick traded on wakeup with Ken’s fierce uppercut as well for beefy counter hit damage!

One guy that was playing me would actually dash up and dan kick on wakeup, maybe he knows something others don’t about it’s priority in stuffing Bison’s reversals? He did hit me with it a couple times.

Dan’s grab range is also a little bit above average, and you can tick with his jabs and shorts as with just about (every?) character.

Gadouken should almost never be used. Not even to negate fireballs as the recovery is just garbage, you’re better off just jumping over them in most cases. They can get spacing on you or maybe for Sagat hit you with an EX Fireball if you’re within range. (Don’t KNOW about that but with how bad the recovery is, it might be possible for him to EX Shot you)

Strongest punisher I have done against whiffed uppercuts is close stand fierce ex koryuken. I am not a combo wizard by any stretch of the imagination, but for a 3 hitter it did good punish damage. As far as combos on jump ins I am not sure if the Koryuken will connect that good so I use EX Dan kick as an ending to all of those.

I also found out if you beat a guy 3 straight with Dan he’ll drop. =)

Obviously Dan is better than Vega, and you guys will probably see some crazy ass Japanese playing him in a top 8 of some ranbat or another.


So proper use of the QCB+LK is good? SWEET!

I kind of felt that his Gaduken should be carefully used. In Combos maybe it can set up for a QCB+LK or surprise Ultra?
What about EX-Gaduken, he faster recovery on it it seems.

Fair enough, St. HP–>Koryuken does seem like a nice quick punisher :tup:

Do you mean that if Dan wins 3 rounds in a row, he’ll drop during his victory animation in surprise that he has actually done some serious ass whuppin? SWEET!

For a moment there I thought you meant Dictator XD. I always knew he’d be good, thanks for the info mate, wish I could rep you though :tup:


There’s a Japanese guy that is apparently in love with Dan. Soul-T or T-SOUL I forget but he plays him in ranked matches, has the fuckin Dan picture avatar, the dan picture title lol.

He might be one to watch even though I whooped him with Barlog.

Edit: You also don’t need to dash to do SA xx Ultra. It doesn’t matter if the opponent has almost hit the ground, all hits will connect. Since he runs at them anyway I don’t think the dash is necessary. I hit it today.


I think he means that the opponent leaves the game XD


^lol, that is awesome XD


Yeah thats what I meant. There is an emoticon, after 2 games of losing to dan he changed it to the “crying” emoticon, and then I beat him again and he dropped. :rofl:

I was able to connect Dan’s Ultra after blocking a Cammy Cannon Spike. Maybe the opponent just forgot to block or something, but it looks like with reversal timing you might be able to catch some things. Test it, your mileage may vary.


So it’s official then? Dan is anti-scurbs in SF4?


I saw this in a video, and I think it’s an awesome idea. I never use my mic, because I don’t want to hear scrubs whining… and I don’t want better players to hear me XD So this is a simple way to show how you feel atm XD


so far, Dan has been no slouch online, I’ve won a few games, even beating a decent Sagat. I think alot of it has to deal with people not knowing what to expect out of him. I think he is alot better then in Alpha 3.


An OK Dan player, has room for improvement though he really should’ve used Dan’s FA to absorb the projectiles, among other things.