Saikyocon 2002 Elmsford, NY August 17th SFA3, SF3: 3rd Strike and CVS2 results

This was a very short tornament. Only 8 PEOPLE SHOWED UP! What’s up with that? I was very upset that we had very little people that showed up. Thanks to the 8 people we came though. Here the results from Saturday. Sunday’s game tournaments(King of Fighters 98, Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves and Soul Caulber)were cancelled due to lack of people that showed up for Saturday.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
1st: Marc Concepcion (A-ism Dhalsim and Rose)
2nd: Juan Alvarez (A-sim Zangief
3rd: Danny Carioca (A and V sim Ken)
4th: Dave Patricola

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
1st: Juan Alvarez (Ryu and Hugo)
2nd: Marc Concepcion (Elena)
3rd: Dave Patricola (Oro)

Capcom vs SNK 2
1st: Johnny Alicea (A Groove Dhalsim, Mai and Haohmaru)
2nd: John P(Rock N Roll) (K Groove Eagle, Ryo and Blanka)
3rd: Juan Alvarez (C Groove Ryu and Zangief)
4th: Marc Concepcion (K Groove Zangief, Raiden and Kyo)

hey, thanks a’lot guys, i had a great time, see yah soon-

i woulda gotten down with that, but the parents were in Germany… and it was my solemn duty to throw parties for 14 consecutive days :slight_smile:

Grats to all, especially Johnny and Rock N Roll, reppin Pali!!