Sailor Moon S - Arcana Heart? We know thee not. The All-Girls Fighter of kings. (Discord in OP)

Anyone else play this game? Just picked it up about a month or two ago for SNES9x, played some casuals with friends. Fun game, save for Uranus, pretty balanced.

Anyone ever seen a tier list? I’ve yet to find one.


Obligatory vids:

Shoryuken - [Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S match] Japanese casuals 12

Shoryuken - [ Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S ] All Character Combo Exhibition (NEW VERSION)

Found a SFC cart of this game on ebay for like $10 including shipping, thinking about grabbing it. Still need an SNES though.

Character Rankings


Tier List Breakdown


Here ya go.

YouTube - Soh85’s Channel

One of the video’s on his channel had a tier list on there. If I remember correctly it was…


Found it. Here’s the list, in Japanese.


Before I forget, there was also a remake that changed some moves and added Saturn. No one ever plays it for some reason…

Yeah, I have the ROM for Super S as well, but seeing as how no one plays it, I’ve stuck with S myself. I would honestly like to know why the Super S version is unplayed.

And thanks for the tier list!

So I just won an auction for a copy of Sailor Moon S for the Super Famicom for $10.

And if anyone wants to play me online, hit me up on SNES9x. Can’t seem to get the rom working in one version of ZSNES, and the version it works in, it hangs at the character select screen, which is inconsequential, since Netplay is mysteriously disabled.

Contact me to play though. Don’t know how the netplay would be.

That is a good buy. I definitely will get the Sailor Moon fighters pretty soon when I can. I thought there were no differences aside from characters between the 2 games?

Is it possible to play online with SNES9x emulator on the Wii? If so, I have no idea how to set it up.

There actually are slight changes, according to the movelists. Each character drops a move, then gains a new one that was unveiled in the Super S season.

Anyways, I’m not sure about the Wii version of SNES9x myself. I know it’s possible in the Linux version, so I would also assume it works on the Windows version, but any others, I’m unsure about

This bring back memories from like 10 years ago for me, lol. I totally forgot bout this game and now want to find a copy for myself!!!

There’s a lot of them circulating on ebay at various prices.

Look for a copy like this:

SAILOR MOON S NINTENDO SUPER FAMICOM SNES - eBay (item 270631596467 end time Dec-04-10 20:23:27 PST)

That label = The Sailor Moon S fighter.

I was very fortunate to find the one I found for $10. Seller said there were minor scratches to the label, which was ok for me.

If its got netplay than I can knock the dust off and we can run this shit.

Bonus points if its got a way I can record so i can upload matches later…

No way to record that I found in emulator, but I’m able to record on my laptop pretty well without it lagging up the game.

There is netplay for sure in SNES9x, I just don’t know how good it is.

Oh wow, wait, there IS a way to record in SNES9x.

Gonna re-download the emu, rom and spend some time wiping the dust off.

How on earth is Uranus near the bottom of that tier list =/

That’s what I wanna know! No freaking way. Not with her brain dead infinite

But yeah, get at me when you want to play. I can only play on snes9x

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I wish I knew. Maybe they banned her infinite or something. Looking at the list she has a godawful matchup with Venus(Or Moon. I should go research this). Also, I think I read that matchup list wrong,and this is how it goes:

Moon= 4
Mars= 6
Mercury= 1
Jupiter= 7
Venus= 0
Pluto= -3
Neptune= 6
Uranus= -5
Chibi Moon= -16

So, in order…

Chibi Moon

I’m gonna go look into translating the list, but hopefully that one’s right.

Can I play you sometime too? Do we need matching versions of Snes9x?

I’m unsure. We could always try and see how it works, but sure feel free to play me. I’m interested in getting real human competition in this game. Can’t get better playing by myself lol.

I’ll see if I can go dig up an Snes9x later this weekend and hit you up if your not busy.

Btw I translated the list and fixed it, so it’s right now. They must ban Uranus’s infinite or something because she’s second to last.

Either that or ban her forward dash, which the main reason sje jas the infinite. Doesn’t make sense that angel only gave one character a forward dash.

Well I guess sailor moon has a pseudo forward dash but it doesn’t count lol.

My copy just came in from Japan today. Sweet. Time to get my mc cthulhus flashed for snes capabilities now.

I got some free time this weekend, hopefully I can get some games in.

I’ve been toying with the sequal for a bit though, and I might look for a list for that (or just attempt to do one), since everyone got changed so drastically.

That tier list is easily read by color

Hopefully we can when I’m off work. Having internet problems, but if things are working properly at that time, we’ll play.

Send me an im when you can play. If I’m not logged into im, send me a pm or email through here. My droid will notify me.

I’m off at 9pm Friday and 8pm Saturday et