Sailor Moon S - Arcana Heart? We know thee not. The All-Girls Fighter of kings. (Discord in OP)


Are there any difference between Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S, gameplay-wise?


Gameplay wise, the basic mechanics are the same. Balance wise, there’s a steep drop in balance in SuperS and S is preferred.


Interesting. I’ve been dabbling around with Super S for a little over an hour now, and I have to say that the game is very fun to play. I’ll be giving S a shot later on tonight.


Seriously? No one gonna be there for this?


Not me. My friend is going, I’ll try to send him your way.


So I was talking to some guys at Frosty who said they are going to Evo and down with this.

I’m bringing my SNES with Sailor Moon S to Evo. I’m also possibly going to have some UD-USBs rolled into SNES converters so people can use their sticks on it. I WILL be running a Sailor Moon S side event this year on SNES.

If anyone else has a SNES and SMS and wants to help, bring it out as well so we have >1 setup. If you can get converters for it too that would be awesome.

But this is happening. Y’all better make it out.

I’m looking at you, @Bious.


Hopefully there will be a stream. <3


I’ll have to get an SD capture card that will work with Windows 10, but I fully intend to stream this.


Get prepared for the Evo tournament guys, we’ll be training up online when this shit drops.




Also, when new Fightcade drops, I’ll run a Sailor Moon S tournament online on stream.


fba plays snes games now? Huh, I thought it was only genesis/arcade games. That’s good to hear.


I’m down for Sailor Moon tournaments maybe


You may be right, but let’s see what happens.

I’ll look up alternative means otherwise, but I’m wanting to see more matches happen.


Damn near forgot to ask; was SMS played at EVO? And was it recorded (please say yes)?


I was unable to bring my SNES. I am bringing it next year though. I’m also gonna try to start running casuals for it at Meltdown in Toronto, to see if we can get something competitive going.


Oops maybe next year.


OP Updated with Discord link


So I’m going to be doing a Sailor Moon S tutorial stream tonight in about an hour or so.

It will be at and, and the replay will be hosted on Youtube as well with timestamps.


Here’s the full replay of the tutorial. Enjoy, hopefully this helps anyone wanting to get into this game better understand it: