Sailor Moon S - Arcana Heart? We know thee not. The All-Girls Fighter of kings. (Discord in OP)


fba plays snes games now? Huh, I thought it was only genesis/arcade games. That’s good to hear.


I’m down for Sailor Moon tournaments maybe


You may be right, but let’s see what happens.

I’ll look up alternative means otherwise, but I’m wanting to see more matches happen.


Damn near forgot to ask; was SMS played at EVO? And was it recorded (please say yes)?


I was unable to bring my SNES. I am bringing it next year though. I’m also gonna try to start running casuals for it at Meltdown in Toronto, to see if we can get something competitive going.


Oops maybe next year.


OP Updated with Discord link


So I’m going to be doing a Sailor Moon S tutorial stream tonight in about an hour or so.

It will be at and, and the replay will be hosted on Youtube as well with timestamps.


Here’s the full replay of the tutorial. Enjoy, hopefully this helps anyone wanting to get into this game better understand it:


Wait, is it really supposed to be the same Discord as the TMNT TF one?


Yeah, it’s basically its own channel in the TF discord.


Yeah, there’s its own channel in the TMNT Discord.


Cool. Found it.

On a related note, if you’re ever streaming the game again, give me a holla (either through discord or Slack) so I can watch.


It shall be done! :tup:


Signups for Sailor Moon S at Canada Cup.

There will be a $20 pot bonus if we hit 20 entrants. If you’re coming, don’t even hesitate to sign up! $2 a head.


had a tournament in NYC this past weekend

archives here:


Good, more footage of DaiAndOh to study for Canada Cup!


22 entrants at Canada Cup, with JAPANESE GAWD KOEMON in the bracket.

Replay here:

Top 8:

1st - LordJimmyBones (Jupiter)
2nd - TTT NeoRussell (Mercury)
3rd - Quiet Anger (Mercury)
4th - OGS Gatchaman (Uranus)
5th - KOEMON (Venus), Lucky Jim (Mars)
7th - SMRT Missing Person (Mercury/Neptune), OG23 (Mars/Uranus)


Netplay Guide for Dolphin


Stun City 1.1 went really well for the first Sailor Moon S Weekly in Toronto.


1st TTT NeoRussell (Chibi Moon)
2nd Missing Person (Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Moon)
3rd Quiet Anger (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter)
4th TC Unessential (Chibi Moon, Jupiter)
5th Chef Raptor (Venus)
5th JED07 (Chibi Moon)
7th Man0 (Neptune, Venus)
7th TTT Kyouma (Mars)
9th Kyon (Chibi Moon, Mars)

Replays (Half was on my channel, the other half was on Toronto Top Tiers):