saint's row

who wants to join up my gang? no homo

gamertag is “rob sigley”

im playing now let a nigga know

I was gonna make this same thread. I’ll be getting it tomorrow morning. I wasn’t gonna get it originally after playing the demo the first time, but after playing it again today i’m sold.

how you liking it?

i’ve finally finished one of the missions, some of them are annoying cause they’re multi part, but the first part is just like drive for 2 minutes and do nothign else, then when you die you have to do all the driving over again

besides that really liking this game, haven’t tried out multi player yet wanted to finish up 1p first

got my guy dressed up as a aZn with a skull cap and a fitted overtop rocking tennis shorts and a polo

I really like the single player so far. Mostly becuase of all the random shit that goes down. Cops pulling over and beasting on people, cracking safes, having a Gang vs cops shoot out etc. lots of fun. I made my guy a bummy looking black dude wearing the saints colors, but i’m thinking of just going around killing my fellow gang members and wearing the yellow gang’s colors instead, lol.

As far as MP goes, i’m pretty dissappointed. Maybe becuase I expected to much. I thought it was gonna be just like the single player, but you could play deathmatch and the other game modes. In actuality the mp stages are pretty barren except for a few cars, and it’s pretty laggy. I think they could’ve done a lot more with MP.