"Saki Madness" Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2.6 Tourney on 18th July 2009


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Thanks to all who took the time out to enter the tournament especially those who stayed on after their blaz blue tournament. Special thanks goes out to Kilvear again! Without his media support and such this tournament won’t be a success! Not forgetting Uris and Jehuty for their
laptop support. Thanks for dropping by to enter the tourney zer0kage it been a long time since we met again.

Video will be up soon these few days after I’ve done encoding them.

Anyways the follow are the results and bracket (Click image to enlarge it):

1: Ah Ning
2: Farhan
3: Chichiboy
4: SugarMilkTea
5: Hayate
5: Farp
7: Dneo
7: Jehuty
9: zer0kage
9: Mars People
9: Kilvear
9: Sevalle
13: Dean
13: Uris
13: Babykiller
13: J.M
17: Don
17: Dan Heng
17: David

More pictures can be found @ http://arcanaheart2.blogspot.com/2009/07/saki-madness-tournament-results.html


X-Posted from: http://arcanaheart2.blogspot.com/2009/07/saki-madness-tournament-videos.html

Sorry for the delay everyone, these are the videos of the tourney itself. Hope you all enjoy watching them.

The tournament playlist:


Loser’s Bracket


2nd Round of Loser Bracket


3rd Round of Loser’s Bracket

Winner Finals

4th Placing

3rd Placing



Damn good shit on a nasty turnout…there isn’t a single soul in the us that plays sugoi competively anymore, its sad


Good shit :tup:


omg is that true? That would be sad to give up on such a game though :frowning:
But I can see what you means cause it seemed that many people are not playing this game much anymore here too.

I’m just doing tourney so that it would still hook the current players to it otherwise i don’t think any much people will still play it :frowning:

hey thanks! :lovin:


hey lemme ask u something. is it the caoture card that is skipping frames like that or is that teh game itself? also, im guessing you guys did it on pc right. is there some kind of tutorial to get it to run well on the pc. i didnt try it yet but i do miss this game. if i can get it to run decent on a laptop then i could travel around with it for random ppl to play


i think when i re encode the original files there’s some frame skipping. But overall the original captured video does not have any lag at all.
Erm this tourney is done on the arcade cab. 2.6 is only available in the arcade only sadly :frowning:


Just watched some of the match vids. Really enjoyed what I saw.

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody play Steel Lilica ever lol.

It’s true. Even Arcadia UFO, the last Arcana oasis of hope in the U.S., removed S!AH2. :frowning:


We still have it here in Houston but aside from myself and 2 other people. No one else plays it competitively. We three try but we can only be so competetive against eachother >_>

Nice tourny! Glad you are keeping the game going there.
The Lilica player really needs to get the BnBs down though, expecially her j.E and air 236 A+B continuations. Otherwise, pretty good :wink:


woah… that’s sad no wonder not much people wants to bring in the game here :frowning:

that reminds me of our AH era where by there’s only like 3 people who plays weekly against each other. But i’m happy that we have more than 3 people now though lol… As for the lilica player, he just started playing this game so yeah i would say he’s doing great for a new player and further more he’s our mbaa champion lol…

Anyway if you want to look at a great lilica player, search for our Lilica pro plus numerous champion Xlenz. He has a mean lilica and rapes us for free :crybaby:


Sorry if I was unclear with my post, I agree that he’s doing great for a new player and definitely will get better. Wasn’t trying to be sound mean or anything :shy:
I’ve seen a few of the matches with Xlenz in them before, seems like a pretty good player. Though I personally think that you all could beat him :cool:

Anyhow, keep up the good work with the tournies.

(PS: this post was made way late in the night/morning, take your pick on that one lol. So if anything is offending, it wasn’t intended to be :smile:)


no need for apologize there wasn’t anything offending about your post. As for Xlenz yeah we could beat him but he’s top of the players as for now which isn’t a bad thing. Great to have good competition ya?

Only when i’m on top of my own game I can win him though lolol


i like this game a ton more than blazblue