Saki moves and combos

I haven’t seen a Saki thread so I decided to start one. By looking at her the first thing that came to mind was Cable, even with the grenades and big gun she is really far from him. In fact she plays more of a highly defensive character. Since is the first post I would like to start with a brief description of her moves.

Assist- Comes to the screen and swings her gun the same way as 6C, somewhat slow but could be useful, who knows.

Throws- Just wanted to mention that both throws, throw you about a screen length, seems she really needs to play runaway after all.

:bdp::snka:,:snkb: or :snkc:- She throws a grenade. If done in the ground A goes about half screen, B full screen and C she throws it upwards and reaches about half screen. On the air she throws them downwards somewhat the same distance as the ground button variations.

:hcb::snka:,:snkb: or :snkc:(command grab)- The grab doesn’t have a lot of range but is still useful. She grabs you and headbutts you, it sets you in that “tumbling” where the next hit will juggle you so I recommend following it with a launcher.

:hcf::snka:,:snkb: or :snkc:-Fires off a beam. A,B,C varies the number of hits, pretty self explanatory. Can’t be done in the air which sucks.

:d::d::snka:,:snkb: or :snkc:- Charges her rifle’s next shot into a special one.
:snka:- A shotgun like shot, travels about half screen.
:snkb:- An electric orb that travels a bit and stays in place. Hits about 5 times (Have to confirm the number of hits) In my opinion the best normal charge, you can combo if the opponent got hit by it.
:snkc:- Charges a big bullet, just like the regular C shot but bigger and like twice the damage.

:qcf::2p:- Fires off a big beam at about 40 degrees, decent damage. Can DHC.

:hcb::2p:- Charges her rifle’s next shot into an unblockable bullet.(Tested on dummy set at All Guard) The damage is great considering is a lvl 1 super and unblockable, does about the same damage as the beam super and can be comboed the same way a regular C shot. I’d say this is her best super hands down. Can’t DHC.

:dp::2p:(lvl 3)- A counter super, and considering its a lvl 3 counter super the damage is crap, I find this move completely useless only to be used for the lulz when playing against a friend. Can’t DHC if the counter is successful, don’t know if you can DHC before being hit.

I’m not sure if I left any moves, but I’d like to hear about combos that people might have found out since I find her to be somewhat lacking in the comboability. hope that whatever I just wrote helps some people understand better the character. If there’s a mistake in anything I just wrote my bad, just point it out.

Yeah i think she lacking combo ability to i cant even combo A,B,C.But she’s still a cool character!!!

If you tiger knee her grenades they seem to have far less recovery, and you can attack afterwards.

I didn’t play with her much, but jumping B xx grenade, air attack, seemed like a good pressure starter.

Her :hcb::2p: Super and/or her :d:,:d:+:snkc: shot can set up for her :qcf::2p: super if you hit with the shot. It suspends them in the air in a nonrecoverable state (they can Mega Crash but that’s about it).

So you can do something like :d:,:d:+:snkc: -> crouching :snka:,:snkb:, launcher :u:, :snka:,:snkb:,:snkc: … land and catch your opponent with :qcf::2p: while he’s still suspended in the air.

:hcb::2p: -> crouching :snka:, :snkb:, launcher :u:, :snka:,:snkb:, wait, :snkc: … land and catch with :qcf::2p:

^^Her :hcb::2p: doesn’t air combo but it is unblockable still so you have to delay the shot to hit with it. I actually find it easier to do this:

:hcb::2p: -> crouching :snka:, :snkb:, launcher :u:, airdash back, :snkc: … land and catch with :qcf::2p:

The new AHVB? :rofl:

Ok, just for everyones information, here is the Saki Glitch.

I did not find this glitch,was just testing it and haven’t seen any info on it, belongs in this thread of all places.

How to perform:

One player needs to be Tekkaman and one player needs to be Saki.

Saki Jumps tries to throw out an air :snkc: Grenade from almost a full screen away.
Tekkaman Immediately does his :snkb: whip grab, it is vital for the timing to be perfect, its not very easy to reproduce.

Saki basically does what Viewtiful Joe does and flies off the screen, but seemingly much faster, and there is no way to escape. except for mega crush.

not a very likely occurrence but I wouldn’t be throwing and air grenades against Tekkaman.

saki best combo is

you need 22c first off.

so do a regular combo like 2a 2b 3c sj b b j. b b then c and u land and do the qcf 2 punch button super. does around 35% if u get all the hits

After landing from a :d::d:+:snkc: shot setup, you can throw in a medium grenade (:bdp:+:snkb:) and cancel into the :qcf:+:2p: super for a bit more damage.

You can also hit with the :hcf:+:snka: or :snkb: laser (:snkc: version has too much start up to catch them before they hit the ground) if you don’t have an extra meter to do the :qcf:+:2p: super. Canceling this into the super is not practical though since the super will miss most of the time based on positioning.

I’m trying to figure out ways to utilize the :d::d:+:snkb: shot.

I was thinkin’ something like :d::d:+:snkb: -> crouching :snka:,:snkb:, launcher :u:, :snka:,:snkb:,:snkc: … land and use :hcb:+:2p: while they’re still being juggled by the electric ball.

This gives her enough time to recover and shoot the unblockable shot at them on their way down. But I haven’t tested it enough yet so I don’t know how easy/hard it would be for people to react to/escape from it (without just using Mega Crash of course).

With Ryu (and probably others with a similar super) you can do (22c charge), land B grenade xx unblockable charge super + Ryu Shinkuu, and you get to move long before Ryu finishes the shinkuu hadoken, leaving you with a free (I assume) unblockable shot in to beam super. Costs 4 meters, but does 80% or so. Without the last super it still does over half life for 3 meters.

On that note you can also just do charge up super with another duo during block strings and pin them there for a free guard break.

Both of those are just guesses. Seems like big damage way too easily, I’m sure there’s something stupid I’m not seeing (other than mega crush) to prevent it.

Saki is so PRINGLES! :looney:

'Found some new stuff for yall:

First off, respect the command grab. It has a lot of potential. It can be comboed into from any of her :snka: or :snkb: normals and/or her :r::snkc:.

You can set up a few characters with a command grab combo in the middle of the screen and follow up with standing :snkb:-> launcher -> air combo etc, but where it really shines is in the corner.

Corner setup :

Start by charging :d:,:d:+:snkb:

-> Command Grab (or you can do:snka:, :snkb:, command grab or :snka:, :snkb:, cr.:snkb:, command grab depending on which opponent you’re fighting… size matters)
-> cr. :snka:, cr. :snka:, standing :snka:, cr.:snka:, standing :snkb:, cr :snkc:

You can do a lot of shit after this like :hcf:+:p: or grenade into super or even call out an assist.

I found a corner loop with Ryu or Roll as an assist (might work with others too):

Start by charging :d:,:d:+:snkb:

-> Command Grab (or you can do:snka:, :snkb:, command grab or :snka:, :snkb:, cr.:snkb:, command grab depending on which opponent you’re fighting)
-> cr. :snka:, cr. :snka:, standing :snka:, cr.:snka:, standing :snkb:, cr :snkc: -> :d:,:d: + :snkb: + :snkd:, cr. :snkc: -> {:d:,:d:+:snkb:, cr. :snkc:}… repeat brackets

I’ve managed to get about 4-5 reps so far… my execution is kind of sloppy :sweat:. 'Not sure how much more you can keep doing it but you can end it with medium grenade xx :qcf:+:2p: super anytime.


-You need the assist right after the setup to get that extra hit in and give Saki time to recover from the :d::d:+:snkb: charge and fire it so it can juggle. After that, the way the shock ball juggles will give her the time she needs repeat charge shots without the assist.

-It doesn’t work on Joe or Roll… they’re too small to get hit by the corner command grab setup.

-On Daimou just do -> Command Grab -> cr. :snka:, standing :snka:, standing :snkb:, cr :snkc: -> :d:,:d: + :snkb: + :snkd:, cr. :snkc: -> {:d:,:d:+:snkb:, cr. :snkc:}… repeat brackets.

-Daimou also seems to be the easiest character to do this on as I’ve gotten more reps of the loop off on him.

-There are other command grab setups but this one seems to be the most reliable one if you want to do the loop. Edit: Actually command grab -> standing :snka:, cr. :snka:, cr. :snka:, standing :snkb:, cr. :snkc: works reliably too and should be used on really skinny characters like Eagle Ken.

EDIT: Another note that I’m throwing out there for experimentation:

-Saki can baroque cancel out of her :d:,:d: + :snkb: charge. So I was trying:

In corner…

Start by charging :d:,:d:+:snkb:

-> Command Grab -> cr. :snka:, cr. :snka:, standing :snka:, cr.:snka:, standing :snkb:, cr :snkc: -> :d:,:d: + :snkb:, Baroque , cr. :snkc: -> {:d:,:d:+:snkb:, cr. :snkc:}… repeat brackets

So that maybe she can do the loop without an assist

But I haven’t gotten the cr. :snkc: shot before the brackets to combo/juggle yet. Either my hands are too slow or she’s still too slow to get that shot off even with baroque cancel. If anyone else wants to play around with it and see if they can get it to work go ahead.

Double edit: Casshern assist is a much easier set up for this loop.

You can do:

In corner

Charge :d:,:d:+:snkb:

-> Call Casshern… Casshern hits-> cr. :snkc: -> {:d:,:d:+:snkb:, cr. :snkc:}… repeat brackets

or if you have red life…

Charge :d:,:d:+:snkb:

-> Call Casshern… Casshern hits-> cr. :snkc: -> :d:,:d:+ :snkb:, baroque, cr. :snkc:, {:d:,:d:+:snkb:, cr. :snkc:}… repeat brackets

This is a cellphone post so… I might have missed this if someone mentioned it. Also this isn’t completely tested - so awesome post.

It seems like you can finish pretty much any combo with the crouch C when the opponent is laying on the ground. Only once though, second shot will pass through.


Back at the game. Seems like the vast majority of the time it works. Maybe not always - it’s a little finicky with combos that end in a throw. But if you know the opponent is getting knocked down, throw it out and it’ll connect for a final hit and 2800 damage - it’s real generous with the timing.

Keep away queen!

She’s slow but she shouldn’t be on the ground any ways except to charge her :d::d:+attack shots (:snkb: or :snkc: only. :snka: sucks. yeah, it can be combo’d into but Saki isn’t about combos, her ground normals suck.)

Least, I have a feeling that’s what will end up happening. Her command throw has shitty range as do most of her pokes aside from st.:snkc: :r:.:snkc: is good after a commando throw or to do into a commando throw but it’s slow as fuck so not worth using unless you have a decent assist that you can combo into like Ryu, Eagle, Doronjo, few others.

on the ground :snkb: grenade seems to be the one of choice. it comes out fastest and covers the most space. but if you are in the air it’s all dependent of where your opponent is obviously.

If you want to play the run away game switch up your :d::d:attack shots as well, say do her :snkb: special shot for a few reps then do her :snkc: shot so they second guess what you will do.

She is a great keep away character.

Oh yeah, you can grenade baroque cancel into another grenade. You can do this in the air too. So if you don’t have enough red meter to get enough extra damage out of it just grenade BC grenade.

I’ll have more late

Edit1: Give her a good AA assist character (Soki, Batsu, Chun, Tekkaman, Yatter, few others) and she becomes even better cause of the TK grenades (thanks Cajun).

Also, Viewtiful Joe works really well with her cause of his assist. It adds more pressure to your TK grenade and :d::d::snkb: shot.

The only downside I can see with Saki outside her ground normals sucking (her :d::snkb: is decent but that’s about it) the keep away strategy is really weak against push guard/adavnce guarding. So you might want to change your game up abit with commando throw mix ups into magic series’ or random AA super. It all depends on how much your opponent likes to abuse the PB/AG.

cr. :snkb: into command grab gives it extra range (kind of like a kara grab) and can be comboed into from the move. Unfortunately, if the opponent blocks the cr. :snkb: the command grab won’t catch him. =/

sigh… I can still dream can’t I?

Edit: Tiger Knee’d grenades also sets up the shock ball corner loop:

:d:,:d: + :snkb:

-> TK’D :snka: or :snkb: grenade (she’ll be airborne but very close to the ground) -> land, cr. :snkc: -> {:d:, :d: + :snkb:, cr. :snkc:}… repeat brackets.

This also means that if you have an assist on hand (like Ryu, Morrigan, or Roll etc.) you can use them much later on to extend the loop once you see it’s getting ready to drop (:d: :d: + :snkb: + :snkd:, cr. :snkc:) and optimize your damage.

I think I’m gonna go buy some pringles tonight.

Try BCing (baroque cancelling) it? Like cr.:snkb: (blocked) BC dash up commando grab > combo.
Or cr.:snkb: (blocked) BC and if they think you’ll go high do cr:snkb: again into command throw into combo.

Although you shouldn’t waste red life like that, if it’s an insignificant amount it wouldn’t matter and lets you put on pressure ((kind of like BCing grenades I mentioned earlier) and get in closer due to the fact Saki’s normals suck and have no range.

Gun bitchslap combos

You can throw in her Gun Slap (:r: + :snkc: xx howcansheslap?!) for certain combos and get a good chunk of extra damage added in there. It cancels and combos into any special and/or super move if you time it right so keep that in mind.

Some examples:

With :d:, :d: + :snkb: charged…

-> Shoot with :snkc: or cr. :snkc: and if the opponent is caught by either one of the shock balls and stunned for up to five hits simply -> :r: +:snkc: x :snkb: grenade xx :qcf: + :2p: super. (Or just :r: + :snkc: xx super)


-> Shoot with :snkc: or cr. :snkc: and if the opponent is caught by either one and stunned for up to five hits -> (close) :r: + :snkc: x command grab -> combo


-> Corner shockball loop -> end with :r: + :snkc: x :snkb: grenade xx super

With :d:, :d: + :snkc: charged…

-> cr. :snka:, cr. :snkb:, launcher :u:, :snkb:, :uf: :snkb:, :snkc: -> land, :r: + :snkc: x :snkb: grenade xx :qcf: + :2p: super. (Does close to 20000 damage)


-> airdash, :snkc: -> land, :r: + :snkc: x :snkb: grenade xx :qcf: + :2p: super. (Does close to 18000 damage)

With :hcb: + :2p: charged…

-> Opponent near corner or in corner hit with the unblockable shot either on ground or using airdash -> :r: + :snkc: x :snkb: grenade xx super. (Does about 18600-22000 + damage depending on if you combo the :qcf: + :2p: super or not but unless you’re sure the extra 4000 damage will kill your opponent, I’d actually recommend canceling into another :hcb: + :2p: super since the other one won’t get all the hits in the corner.)

I dunno if this is old but my friend oand i were playing today and we encountered a glitch.

basically what happened was my friend jumped and threw a grenade with saki. i was tekkaman and did the move that shoots out and grabs the person. the move connected, then the grenade hit me, then saki just started floating to the top of the screen similar to joe in his glitch.

A basic combo video I made.

She’s really good, I’m gonna try the combos posted here and try some other stuff too.

22C then 5C is an overhead
22C then 2C is a low

Should rename the thread to “Respect the command grab, Saki thread” xD

Who did you test the 22C > 5C over head on?

Or more or less what did you have the CPU in training mode set on? Cause I tried it a few times and couldn’t get it to hit like an over head.

Also, for your reading pleasure, Saki nonesense: