Saki-Partner Thread



who do you guys use for her partner?

right now I switch between frank V.Joe Morrigan Jun Alex And Ryu
not sure who to settle on as my main


I use Tekkaman and Frank. Tekkaman’s my main go to partner, he gives her an anti-air assist to help facilitate her zoning, he gives her the ability to combo from anywhere on the screen, he gives her high damage, and wicked DHCs. I’m still working out the kinks with Saki/Frank, but I use this team to annoy the hell out of the opponent and for the cheesiest unblockable setups available to Saki.


frank can be a beast in the right hands but the problem is he’s just too slow and awkward most of the time
that when he is called into battle

more likely then not He’ll get rushed to death(sad really)

which means if they take out saki or leave her with little to no life left

then frank’s gonna be the one to try and make a comeback

which unless You’ve practiced and practiced with him will be impossible

so while his assist may prove useful for saki

he’s not really a character to depend on in a tight situation


Saki/Frank isn’t a stabile, well-rounded team. The strength of the team is that Frank gives Saki the most consistent runaway and zoning game possible with his assist. The primary strategy to this team is to slowly dwindle your opponent’s health down with Saki, then finish them off when they reach half health with the team super unblockable, because the variant with Frank is so good. It’s far from a stellar team, but it is solid, and if you play it right then you can win; jiust don’t lose Saki.


so i guess it’s down to either ryu morrigan or jun
cause frank’s a bit too risky to use unless you really know how to use him
viewtiful joe’s a cool character but his supers are pretty weak and he doesn’t do that much damage
alex’s asisst helps out saki but her assist doesn’t help him out


I’m using Morrigan atm but considering Alex because of his arial reset with the command grab, can outright kill a character with the same or less health than Ryu in the corner off only 2 bars with this team.


I use her with ken. Ken benefits more from her than she does from him, but an extra projectile gives her time to do all sorts of things. Joe works well too since he covers anyone flying in from above while she loads up. Tekkaman is probably her best fit, though.


I like the Saki/Frank approach, I’m going to mess around with it a bit myself.

IMO, you need at least some kind of unblockable setup, a character that gives you a defensive assist, and someone who handles pressure better overall…that’s the ideal partner for Saki. More health is good too.

I play Souki, who has like half of those things. I just like his range and how damaging his combos are, his fire sword super is workable as an unblockable setup too. If the team super hits, I get a whole lot of damage…also nice how the area of effect for that fire super is enormous.


Saki/Chun or Chun/Saki

Chun’s assist is good for Saki keeps people out the air a close range. Semi-safe DHC chances. Good damage.


I’m going to be maining Frank/Saki. Zach brings up good points of unblockables butnow that Frank has an infinite, it’s free meter for more shots.


You always have to have at least one BABE on your team in a versus game. Can you imagine the BEAST baby Saki and Cable would make? It’d have plasma shooting from every orifice.