A video
This video demonstrates many of the things discussed in this post.

Point character
I suggest running this team with Tekkaman on point. Reasons being:
-Tekkaman has high vitality so his survival at the start of the match it better
-Tekkaman is a great battery, and Saki is a meter abuser
-He has several extra tools for switching into Saki, more than most characters

The loop
Through the use of Tekkaman?s stellar abilities as a combo tool Saki can repeatedly loop her unblockable super in a long, flashy, hard-hitting fashion. The loop works because Saki?s unblockable shot resets the combo limit, resetting damage scaling and allowing for multiple assist calls in a single ?combo.? The other notable thing about the loop is that, even though she spends meter, she builds back a considerable amount - basically any loop should end with you sitting on 1.5 bars or more. Also, the opponent doesn’t build much bar because the unblockable shot doesn’t accumulate meter. Works on everyone but the giants (used to in CGoH, though).

The loop goes as follows:
[P, 5C, charge unblockable, (pause/step back), 5B, 3C ^ sj.AABB, jc.B(pause)C, (land)], ?X? or 'Y?
-X: repeat brackets
-Y: P, 5C, 22C, (pause/step back), 5B, 3C ^ sj.AABB, jc.BC, (land, dash forward), 5B, 3C ^ aerial rave of your choice

Combo?ing into the loop:
The loop can be combo?d into off of damn near anything: ground-chains/magic-series, 5C, Command throw, 22A/B/C shots, Megacrash (in the corner), grenades, whatever. I discover a new set-up every time I hit training mode, so? Experiment!!!

Giant alternate combos (not a loop, but very difficult for the giants to avoid):
P, 22C, (position self), 3C ^ sj.ABB, jc.BC, (land), P, 5C, 22C, (position self) 3C, sj.ABB, jc.BC, (position self), 3C ^ sj.ABB, jc.BC
*easy to set-up with unblockable shot starter due to their size

Command throw, j.B, falling j.B, P, 5C, 22C, (position self) 3C, sj.ABB, jc.BC, (position self), 3C ^ sj.ABB, jc.BC

Saki on point:
Forward throw, immediate beam super, immediate DHC into Tekkaman?s ?make it rain?
-tight timing

Opponent in free fall, beam super, immediate DHC into Tekkaman?s ?make it rain?
-possible off of 5C(neutral or 22C or unblockable), megacrash, etc.

Beam super, DHC into Tekkaman?s ?make it rain?
-depending on timing, opponent?s hit by lance or below it (below = more damage)

Beam super, DHC into Tekkaman?s level 3 super
-costs 4 meters, does 27-28K if cancelled early (w/in first 2-4 hits)

Tekkaman on point:
Any level one super (on hit), DHC into unblockable super
-safe DHC into Saki, if blocked then potentially unsafe

?Make it rain?, DHC into beam super
-only works if opponent is on top of Tekkaman?s lance

Aerial beam super, DHC into beam super
-Only works from super-jump heights, and must be timed late (last hit of the beam super)

Unblockable team super
W/ 3 bars SakTekk can perform a nasty team super. What essentially happens is, for the cost of 3 bars, Tekkaman locks the opponent down with his beam, and while the opponent is locked in guard stun they?re forced to take the unblockable shot that you charged while doing the team super, and it turn, the full blunt of Tekkaman?s eye beam + whatever else you can fit in there. Basically, free damage. Saki can also perform variants of this with Ryu, Frank, Megaman and Chun. Other variants exist but they?re not noteworthy.

Performing the unblockable team super:
63214+any two attacks, P
Perform Saki?s unblockable shot super and immediately press P. When Tekk?s locked them down with his laser eyes blast them with her unblockable shot. Once again, free damage.

-Blocked 22B shot, low to the ground air recovery (A/B/C beam hits, grenade hits, etc.), blocked 6C, as the opponent?s getting up from the ground:
These are the best set-ups because the opponent is forced to take the full blunt of the unblockable set-up

-Blocked beams, blocked 2C/5C (any version), blocked grenades:
These are all good set-ups. If pushblocked and super-jumped, however, the opponent will slightly leave the floor and get caught by Tekkaman?s beam. You need to adjust your shot in these cases.

-5B/2B (blocked or hit):
A decent set-up, but it can be pushblocked and super-jumped to escape.

—Note: Some set-ups aren?t perfect and the opponent might take the hit instead of blocking. This?ll save them from losing some health. If you preserve your shot, however, and you?re standing at about the start of the match positioning or closer to your opponent?s corner, then you can dash into the corner and perform a launch combo into an aerial reset for even more damage. There is potential for mid-screen punishes to this as well.

Switching characters
Variable aerial raves: safe on block or hit
Dry tags: can be made safe w/ 2 meter (for megacrash) or Baroque (if tag is blocked)
DHCs: safety is highly dependent on situation
Variable counters: not safe, but hard to predict

SAFE switches w/ Tekkaman on point:
*(blocked) 46+C xx 236 super, immediately DHC into Saki?s 63214 super
*You can combo a tag in off of Tekkaman’s 46+C, depending on spacing
*?46+C (blocked or hit) xx BBQ, tag in Saki? is safe, depending on spacing
*You can safely tag Saki in after hitting the opponent with a grounded 214+A

If you ever find yourself in a position where Saki is in reserve with unblockable charged, has red health, and Tekkaman has red health then you can do this:
46+C(blocked) xx BBQ, tag in Saki, BBQ tag, hit 'em with the unblockable shot while Tekk’s lance holds them in block-stun.

Wow this sounds awesome can’t wait to see the video!!!

I can’t wait to play around with the unblockable super now.

Well, until I put together a more professional video these should suffice:

-this loop’s the second combo in. I drop it at the end, but you get the idea.

-this is not my video, btw.

Updated thread, changed some things, finished video:


Good shit. Makes me wanna learn Tekkaman.

Great team! The Loop & Unblockable shot ftw!

I edited the main post, added some things, removed a bunch of unnecessary stuff. I’m working on a better video to go with the guide as well.

Do you guys think I should make a Saki specific strategy guide? From what I can tell no one really knows all that she’s capable of. I might have to record some casuals between myself and a buddy of mine this Friday to show off some of SakTekk’s bullshit.

Yes please :smiley:

and seeing some videos would be cool also

Yeah I was hearing someone talk up this team and say it was really good the other day; and since I already main both characters I was pretty hyped about it. But when I tried them out I didn’t really see the chemistry and was confused as to the big deal of it…but reading the OP post now looks like missed it - will try again now that I have this to go off of.