Sako Tick Trainning Script for MAMERR


<p>I have been working on this for some weeks. It’s a simple script that analyses the player’s sako tick attempt, and when you do a mistake (you will !), a message will pop on the screen telling you what you did wrong, as well as a suggestion on how to fix it. It also comes with hitbox script and input display integrated in one script file (since you can’t run more than one lua script at the same time… I AM NOT THE AUTHOR OF THESE SCRIPTS, CREDITS GOES FOR THE ORIGINAL CREATORS), <strong>and since i’ve put a key to disable the sako tips, if you just want to use the script as a option to hitbox and input display on the same script, here you go.</strong></p><p>Here’s some screen shots of it, with some of the possible error messages:</p><p><img title=“Image:” src=“” alt="">    <img src=“” alt=""></p><p><img title=“Image:” src=“” alt="">    <img src=“” alt=""></p><p>The script expects you to do the sako this way:</p><p>Jab (for the tick), then hold strong and fierce right after it and keep them held.</p><p>Do the 270, from UP to FORWARD. Anything different than that will produce an error message. The 270 must be complete before THawk’s gets out of Jab’s recovery, otherwise he will crouch for a bit and you’ll lose momentum.</p><p>While p2 is on hitstun, THawk must be walking, with the punches held, and with the 270 motion buffered, otherwise a error message will appear on the screen.</p><p>Once p2 is not on hitstun, the script will check the punch releases. Fierce must be the first one to be released, Jab the last.</p><p>There’s more to it, but I forgot all the details now lol. I dont know if i’m checking all the possible mistakes though… probably not.</p><p><br></p><p>I’m confident that with the current checks the script is accurate. What i’m not sure is if its lenient enough, so I need more people to test this.</p><p>I hope this helps people on learning how to sako tick. Don’t deceive yourself though, even with this script, you will still have to train your ass off to learn it. When done from the right distance, the timing proved to be very strict in all aspects. <strong>Consider this script just as a little help. </strong>At least you will know what you’re doing wrong.</p><p>Installation process:</p><p>Assuming you have the latest MAME RR installed and the 11Mb version of ST rom, you will have to do the following:</p><p>1- Extract the original input display script on MAMERR’s folder. Link:</p><p>2- Extract this zip, containing the sako script on the MAMERR’s folder. Choose to overwrite all files that it will ask to. Link:</p><p>Or get pof’s version instead, it got a permissive mode that ignores the distance between you and the dummy (that can be disabled), just downlaod all the files on that link and place them on MAMERR’s folder, dont forget the one inide the scrolling-input folder:<strike><br></strike></p><p>3- Run the Sako.bat file to run MAMERR with the script</p><p>If you downloaded pof’s version: You may want to create a bat file on the emulator folder so you can open it with the script already running, with a single click:</p><p>     Create a new text file on notepad, put this inside it: “mame ssf2t -cheat -lua Sako.lua” (without quotation marks), then save it with .bat extension instead of .txt, make sure it’s really “.bat” at the end and not “.bat.txt”.<br></p><p>     You can also set a key to open the lua script dialog window so you can do it manually: TAB -> Input(General) -> User Interface -> Lua Script Window<br></p><p><br></p><p>Notes on how to use it:</p><p>The Lua function keys are:</p><p>1. Toggles the sako tips messages.</p><p>2. Toggles the Hitbox Display.</p><p>3. Toggles the Input Display.</p><p>4. Resets the sako tip.</p><p><strong>You must be player 1, and only New Hawk is supported. For better results, use it against a dummy… If you want to use save states, it will be even better. Record the save state with Hawk cornered by the opponent, so you can try more sakos without having to reload. Understand that the main use for Sakos is right after you landed a typhoon, when the opponent is waking up. There’s a bug on the input display script though, it will sometimes crash when you try to reload. To avoid this, always turn the lua script off before SAVING the state. This way, every time you LOAD them, the script will not crash.</strong></p><p>Credits for this piece o’ shit:</p><p>Input display code: Dammit</p><p>Hitbox display code: Dammit, MZ, Felineki</p><p>
Testing: djfrijoles, PAPERCUT, GigaPower1982.
</p><p>Everything else: Me</p><p><br></p><p>Note for the SAKO experts: I know that its possible to land sakos even though the script may say you did a mistake. Pay attention to what the message says. There’s a lot of mistakes which can still produce a sako tick, but if you did that certain aspect different, your execution would be better. Anyway, i believe most will not be able to be perfect at Sako execution. As long that you can land your Jab sakos consistently, its already good enough. BTW, the script is deisgned for sako beginners, if you’re already good at it you may not really need it.</p><p>Also, PAPERCUT recommends you to actually not get used to blocking after the 270, but learning how to block reversals on reaction, so you will have more walking frames. This is a more advanced technique that may not be possible for everyone.</p><p>Constructive criticism is welcome. I hope this can be useful for other people as it’s being for me.</p><p>[EDIT 11/9/2014]: Added pof’s version as the main download link.</p><p>[EDIT 21/11/2014]: Forgot to explain how to set the .bat file since pof’s version doesnt come with one.<br></p><br><br><br>

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This shit works. I endorse this. 


Wow, that’s awesome Born2SPD.  I can only dream that Capcom could come up with something half as good as this.  It takes a player to do this, not a designer.  It takes love for the game, which you have plenty of.


Looks cool!<br><br>I haven’t had a chance to take a look but it seems this could be integrated with TRUST.  I’m not sure how specific it is in how it detects inputs for an 360 motion fail vs. success, etc. but maybe if it were packaged into TRUST, maybe it’ll make it a little easier for people to test it and check it out.<br><br>XSPR<br>


And why didn’t anyone FUCKIN LINK ME TO THIS BEFORE!?


Updated the download link:

I’m planning to do a small update to this (if i get the time), i plan to do something about the range restriction, if you attempt to do a string of blocked jabs that would leave thawk far enough for a safe sako attempt, it will not accept it because the jab is being activated too close, but at the end of the pushback t.hawk would be at an acceptable range, so thats something that still need to be fixed, I didnt noticed that back in time.
If anyone have any kind of suggestions, feel free to post them here.


damn the shits not launching. Is it because I don’t have the 11mb version of ST? does I absolutely need that? or can I just use the one I already have? (33mb version)

Is it possible if someone just uploads one thats already configured with everything thats needed to run it?


If you can play with it in MAMERR, then it should work fine. What’s happening exactly?


I followed the instructions exactly. And every time i double click on sako training.bat, the command prompt window flashes not even a millisecond and I get nothing. It does it every time I double click that bat file. It does not open.


You need the 11MB version. Second link when you google the zip name.


This tool is soooooooooo fucking good. It lets you pin point EXCATLY where your problem is.


welp. I finally got my hands on the 11mb version. And it didn’t change a fuckin thing LOL! still getting the same problem. At this point im completely lost. I WANNA LEARN HOW TO SAKO TICK GOD DAMNIT! >:-(


I’ll hook you up if you wear a Sur 13 avatar for 1 week lol



lol no sakos for you


Check this out. Fuck all you Mutha fuckas LOL! I clearly don’t need the program to master sako ticking. Ill just let the video speak for itself.


Scroll to 2:15 for the Ultimate Exposure.


There seems to be a slight variance between your consistency and mine. It only took a few mins for my ticks to look like yours too.


lol I’ll let your own video kill you. lol so many things wrong in it lol.


I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was joking or being sarcastic.


I’m seriously considering making a video showing the “advanced” techniques which are required to escape those ticks.