Sako vs Infiltration. Who would win a FT7?

After seeing the way Sako cleaned house in the Topanga League this weekend it got me wondering as to who the better player was at the moment. I haven’t been able to find any recent videos of Infiltration playing Sako in a tournament or even casuals. Just curious as to what you guys think. Please explain why you voted the way you did.

Personally, I think Infiltration would take it 7-3 or or 7-4. Sako would get off to a fast start if he uses Ibuki. She can easily punish teleports, until Akuma has U2 stocked. Infiltration has displayed an unbelievable ability to adapt mid-set(25th anniv. GF). Infiltration’s ability to adapt on the fly coupled with his impenetrable defense would put him over the top.

lol are all you guys even for real? for your sake just keep it as a poll and spare the explanation as the fanboyism would look too evident.

what exactly do you mean by unbelievable ability to adapt mid set? infiltration’s ability to adapt on the fly coupled with his impenetrable defense?

even john madden would do a better job with baseless hyperboles.

in street fighter, its common for players to adapt when they lose, for eg: in the topanga finals daigo was leading sako 3 games to 1, then sako made an “unbelievable adaptation” to win the next 6 consecutive games. or isnt that “unbelievable” enough for you? maybe infiltration “unbelievable” is more “unbelievable”?

Remind me who won over $80,000+ and a car playing street fighter last year.
Cool story though

All in all, I think that both players are equally skilled (though in different categories: Infiltration may have better adaption while Sako may have better execution for instance).

The Akuma vs Ibuki match up is 6-4 in Ibuki’s favor. EX Neckbreaker makes Akuma’s Teleport free on block. He’ll have to also cope with a bunch of other techs + Ibuki can stun pretty fast. On the basis of the matchup and their equal skill level, I’d think that Sako would most likely win (unless he cracks / Infiltration pulls some downloadin’).

On another note, being a better player does not justify that you’ll be winning all your matches against “so-called worse” players. The Tokido vs Infiltration example is quite popular in illustrating this. Tokido may be better in the mirror match, but Infiltration could be better than Tokido in the other 30+ match ups.

If they play I’d definite think Sako would definitely go with Ibuki against Infiltration’s Akuma which is in her favor. Infiltration is the best tournament player today in the 2/3 standard with a losers bracket. Sako hasn’t done well in that format but he has won 3 Topanga League’s now which have all been long set formats. Infiltration has had a amazing run since EVO, but isn’t perfect either. He’s had several losses along the way from tournaments, casuals, or exhibitions. He’s still the most dominant SF4 player today. I’d pick him over everybody else in the Topanga league except against Sako. Not saying one would definitely win over the other, it’s a coin flip IMO. But if I had to, I would say Sako 7-5 just because I like Sako more :stuck_out_tongue:

sako if he doesn’t choke

Why don’t y’all hit these niggas up and tell to go at it in a FT10.
You got their numbers right? Y’know them soooooo well…

Like other said, Sako if he doesnt choke or anything like that.

Eh yeah, ability to adapt and “impenetrable defense” is a quality that all of the top players have.

Infiltration would not win this…and he would have probably placed like 4th place at the Topanga League if he took Poongko’s spot.

I think Sako would win this maybe 7-3.

If Evo and 25th Anniversary took place in Japan, with multiple Japan qualifiers, he definitely would not have won. This is the problem of having Evo and 25th Anniversary in America, it is out of reach by the vast majority of the top international players.

So Infiltration can travel internationally and win but Sako can’t is what you’re implying? Thanks for bolstering my case.

Eh yeah, ability to throw a football is a quality all top qb’s have. Does that make them equal? Exactly.

Well I voted Sako because I’m a fanboy.

What? That flew way over your head. You seem to have a very small understanding of how big the international top player base is and how few players have the capability to travel.

There’s bigger/better adapters out there than Infiltration…for one, you can see just how many massive turnarounds there were at Topanga alone…but you don’t need to even look there. If you actually have been following the scene for many years, you will already know who these players are.

you’re another guy that just tunes into American streams (the majority of the advertised streams on SRK, naturally) and thinks nothing else is going on around the world. What happens in America is SMALL SCALE to the rest of the world.

I assume you’re referring to the ability to travel abroad and still play at the highest level even in front of a “hostile” crowd. Sako himself has said that he gets nervous when playing outside of Japan and especially in front of large groups of people. Infiltration obviously doesn’t have that problem. Advantage Infiltration. Not to mention the fact that Infiltration has proven he can consistently take down Japan’s top players. He did it at Evo and at the 25th Anniversary tournament. Where was Sako? Nice try though. I wonder what excuses you’ll make for him if he doesn’t make Top 8 at Evo. And no, Infiltration is currently the best at making mid-set adjustments. His track record over the last 12 months speaks for itself.

I like Sako as a player better, but the reality is, Infiltration is using a much better character that has the tools to deal with bad match ups and his ability to adapt and change style brings out those tools very well.

What annoys me more than uneducated people is arrogant uneducated people.

No…I’m referring to the players being able to travel, period. The fact that you are having trouble understanding this, makes me believe you are just way off on the whole scene. I think you are forgetting that it costs over $2000 for a Japanese player to travel to Evo, and they are getting no free invites to come. Almost all top Japanese players (as well as other international players outside of Japan) have no sponsor. There are hundreds of killer players in Japan, the top players does not just consist of Fuudo, Daigo, Sako, Kazunoko, Bonchan, Tokido, Mago. There’s hundreds…

Eh well actually, Infiltration has been around since like Evo 2010 and before that. Just because he finally won Evo, and some other tournaments, doesn’t mean he has “suddenly” gotten to another level. Infiltration still lacks experience. He has lost many times to Japan players in the past, and after Evo. He got blown up at Canada Cup (based on the definition of “blown up” being tossed around these days). He also barely beat Fuudo in their rematch and I’d wager that he would likely not beat him again if they played.

Sako got randomed out by Min…but he beat him in the rematch and eliminated him. Then Sako lost to Fuudo, another Japanese player. Where was he in the 25th Anniversary Tournament? Well gee, he couldn’t qualify…why? There was only one qualifier for Japan, and I believe he didn’t even attend it. Why was there only one qualifier in the country that is the most dominant in this game? I’d love to know.

Again, your “track record” is from American tournaments. America is small scale compared to what is going on around the world. You are completely clueless, but worst of all is that you act arrogant about knowing what you’re talking about.

It is far stronger statement (and more likely to be false because of this) to claim Infiltration is the best at whatever, instead of claiming that there exists someone else around the world that is doing those things better, especially when you pay no attention to the international scene in the first place.

Edit: Nice try though.

Assuming Infiltration lives in China… Considering the current exchange rate and price parity (using the Big Mac index). Infiltration made in the six-figures (pre-tax) even with transfer costs. That’s a good living. Hope he invests wisely. Buy Chinese, sell American. Has a winner of a big fighting game tournament ever paid taxes or been busted by the IRS, I’m wondering now.
I think Infiltration would beat Sako based upon Infiltration ability to adjust. The man is like a machine. I thought at first he would turtle out his opponents but it’s more mind fuckery than that. It’s like he has a game matrix in his head and picks the best option every time, leaving his opponent with scraps.

Anyway regarding Sako and Infiltration…Sako is definitely a more skilled player, execution-wise and ability to read. Also, as much as Infiltration takes notes about things, I believe Sako still has more knowledge.

Reaction-wise, they are both godlike, I can’t really choose one or the other in this game, especially since Ibuki doesn’t require as much reactions as Akuma does.

Infiltration greatly lacks the experience that Sako has, considering Infiltration has been playing fighters for 3 years, while Sako has been playing for well over 10 years at the highest level. Infiltration also doesn’t have as many good players to play against back in Korea, compared to Sako in Japan.

I’ve seen a lot of lopsided results. I hyped up Infiltration in 2010 before anyone who hadn’t watched Tuhon 2009 knew about him, and I’d still say this would be 7-6 Infiltration. It could also swing the other way. Both are spot on in execution, but have solid mind games and know how to set up their vortexes well. If both show up at 100%, it’s literally going to be one of the biggest guessing games in SF4 era. If either showed up at less than 100%, they would lose.

This would be a fun match to watch, and I couldn’t be salty either way the results fell.

What? Infiltration is Korean.

Like, seriously?