Sako's Rose



This is the pinnacle of Rose. 99% execution on the 1 frame links, all the Ultra 2 tricks in the book, crazy setups…

Check it out.



lol… already watched that shit. This didn’t deserve its own thread. Whatever Sako does, many people have already uncovered. And sometimes Sako just goes random after U2 so whatever, if you like that, that’s fine I guess. Pretty sure if Kindevu stuck with Sagat he would’ve taken it.


Sako overcame that 6-4 Sagat matchup once. No point saying that Sagat would have won when the results are set in stone.

Going random? Please tell me when in the video Sako “just goes random”. Pretty sure using tricks/gimmicks against someone who is unfamiliar with a matchup isn’t “going random”.

If you’ve seen it, that’s great. I’m pretty sure there is someone who hasn’t, and this is a great reference video to how Rose can thrive in high level play.


It’s kind of interesting to see that Sako is using Rose more often now, instead of Cammy. He does a lot of unique set-ups that I haven’t really seen before.


It’s because sako’s style of play oozes out of any character he plays


If anything, this could’ve gone right in the video thread considering people were already talking about Sako’s Rose there and cause…kinda pointless to make a thread just because of the sako sets. But whatever.

Most of it is due to Sako actually knowing Rose. If Kindevu didn’t switch to Rufus, i’m sure he probably would’ve had it won (or at least been closer.) Good matches though.

and there’s more than enough reference out in about now with high level Rose play. (Sako, Louffy, Art, Gootecks) If anything, this is the first time Rose is getting some love in Japan out in the open.