Sako's SJC into ultra problem!

how can i do the s.lp -> > sjc > ultra2!?
this one timing is really quick!
and i mastered tc4 -> ultra2 and> -> ultra2 already!

Start with cr.MP into Hashinsho. Press the Kicks when she would otherwise Jump. Then do it a but faster for st.MK.

ibuki jumps mean i’m doing too slow?

Yes you’re too slow.

Please ask here next time instead of making a new thread.

doesn’t this require the same timing?

st.LK xx st.MK xx SJC U2 is easier because you can buffer a majority of the input in between the st.LK and st.MK. xx u2 is the second hardest u2 jump cancel ibuki has, it takes practice. the hardest 2 are st.lp xx u2 and F+lk xx u2 neither of which ive bothered to do. xx u2 isnt needed much. its “mostly” for show. ibukis jump cancels into ultra genrally arent needed much. better time is spent on vortex training and blockstring mixups imho.


Wouldn’t that make it third hardest SJC U2 then?

And what about cr.LP and cr.LK xx SJC U2?

LOL… its tit for tat… i consider both st.lp and F+lk about the same in hardness… so they equal 1… =2

and i personally dont find cr.lp or lk hard to sjc into u2. my most consistent u2 hitconfirm is cr.lpx3 xx u2 easier than tc u2 for me and gives more leniency on block since i still have frame trap options plus a throw threat.

but i dont even bother with them in any real match… only when im stylin’


i want like sako use cr.lp > st.lp > > ultra2
and his awesome combo : tc4 > > st.lp > > ultra2
(except cr.lpx3 xx u2 , just i cant get the timing.

This is the AE age now. cr.LP , st.LP combos are completely obsolete. Why take the risk of st.LP whiffing or accidentally getting, when cr.LP , st.MK is now a 2f link?

Learn to do st.MK xx SJC U2 first. Then go from there. People say st.MK xx SJC U2 is one of the hardest, but I don’t think so as long as you can input directionals fast.

Ya i main point is i’ve some problem in st.MK xx SJC U2
i’m i need to do it very very quick? or i need a accurate timing?
i always appear a normal jump or super jump, that means i do it too late…

You can’t jump cancel st.MK, only super jump cancel. If you keep getting empty super jump cancels that means either you’re inputting :3k: too early (eg: before you SJC) or your inputs are wrong.

Refer here:

I think i’m inputting kkk to early. coz i’d try doing it extremely quick

If you’re getting EX kazegiris you’re doing it too fast.

Super jump after Too slow.

Try to adjust the timing of your kick x3 by milliseconds after you hit and you’ll eventually get a feel for it. If you’re having trouble, try to learn into Hashinso first. at max range gives you a little more time to tiger-knee your input.

cr.MP at max range is the same as cr.MP at close range. Unless for some reason your opponent gets hit later in cr.MP’s active frames, like a meaty setup or something.

Yeah sorry, that’s what I meant. Doing it as a meaty will net you a few extra milliseconds to land the SJC ultra2. Personally I think a practical setup to land ultra2 is to try and fish for a counterhit using – – Hashinso. also can be used as a hit-confirm if your reactions are good enough.