Sakura AE Frame Data




Here is the frame data for AE sakura. Big ups to Gilley for getting it to us!


lol the lk tatsu gains less meter? -.-


I see that she has more frame advantage on cr.lp and and

I thought they slightly increased her DP damage and her lvl 1 fireball recovery was reduced?


c.lp and are the same as in super I believe. Just try, c.hp in super and see if it combos.


st lk. is now +1 on block. it was even i believe in the old one if not -1


The old one is at least neutral on block because, is possible and that’s not a cancel.


Wow, is +3 on block? Awesome, even better than the +2 we suspected.

Crossup MK > close MP > step forward throw/frame trap mix-ups all day

Or step back > OS shouken to catch throw techers…


does using lk tatsu makes us earn less meter in ae? at least according to that frame data


Wait a second, am I reading it right…her fireball recovery is the same as before?
And, the only fireball recovery that’s changed is her charged fireballs?

I hope that’s a typo…


Yeah that would kind of be a stupid change if they only made it so her charged fireballs were safer. Some of the other info on this guide is inaccurate for other characters to but since they took the time to change the frame data for the other fireballs it may just be that her regular fireball recovery is still the same.


From the AE page

**Crouching Medium Punch and Kick can combo from a hit confirm. **

I asked this before, what does this mean? I thought it always could… I do know crouch medium punch could whiff on crouchers sometimes, does this mean it will always combo in AE?

Or does it mean you do cr light punch or light kick and do crouch medium kick to whatever special… im really confused with the wording, sorry if this is dumb question lol


I’m not sure either. If I had to guess, it means you can hit confirm into cr.MP, cr.MK xx w/e or something like that.


I think it means that the is lenghty enough normal to “confirm” that you are hitting it so you can go into after I think it’s +6 on hit so doing > is a 2f link.


I can’t log into the wiki anymore…what’s up??