Sakura art



Sorry if this should have been posted in the art section but I was looking for more Sakura images soo I can compile my art template.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Go to deviant art and type in Sakura in the search bar. Lots of stuff there.


Type in kasugano_sakura


Thanks guys. That should hold me over for a bit.



Also, a good place to look for any video game art, especially SF art can be found on :
If you need help in creating a template for your stick, ask either d3v in the Tech Talk forums, or ask me. I do free commissions.
Hope this helps. :smiley:


As in you’ll do stick art from the ground up? If that’s the case I might just take you up on that offer, I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding an artist.


Yep, for sure. If you guys like samples of what I did for other people, I’ll post up here.


Man that would be awesome. I posted a rough draft here

I really like the udon sakura art. Sakabato if you could take a look that would be a great help.


I just put this v-13 art on my stick


Nice I like that Mr. Flowers. What are you printing your templates onto?


I wouldn’t use gel/danbooru cause of the NSFW content, use Safebooru for a cleaner selection.

Unless you want a pic of Sakura getting fucked as your stick art?


Oh! Here’s some samples that I did for other people on SRK :
Done for someone that wanted a Sasuke HARP :
Sasuke Uchiha HRAP3
My own personal usage of Noel Vermillion on my TE
Noel Vermillion TE
A Beatmania TE Template that I created for anyone’s usage (If anyone wants this one I’ll post the DL link to it) :
Beatmania TE
A Manny Paquiao TE that I did for Chexx05 :
Manny Paquaio
Manny Paquaio on TE
And of course a Sakura one that I did when I first started doing TE art for myself :
Sakura TE


Wow that Noel Vermillion one is awesome. I like the idea of a large image of the char in the BG. Would it be possible for you to make one similar to that?

Good looking on the danbooru since I’m at work. Thanks Saikyo Joe.


Good shit on the Noel art

And NP I use Safebooru all the time


Crhustle, sorry for hijacking your thread BTW.

But yeah, those designs definitely work for me. Still not sure about what, other than Sakura would be going on my stick, I really like the simplicity of the Paquiao stick, but the Noel stick looks very nice as well with the large character art.


Here’s the art on my Sakura stick.
And yeah, I checked those gel/danbooru sites and damn…don’t think I’ll look at slut fi I mean street fighter the same way again hahahaha

If anyone cares for the psd file for it to use it as is or change it up just pm me.


Yep, if anyone is interested in having me do your stick art for you guys, I’ll gladly take it. Just send me the images you guys would like, and I’ll try to do something with them.

All this talk about my Noel Template makes me want to swap out my art again and have her spread on my stick… >w> …
I also can’t wait for BB:CS now! Gah!


Hey Im planning on getting an SE stick, do you think you do could do something for that?


Plain paper I’m afraid. Then Lami-label.


@ Mr. Flowers :
Lami-Labels are the best way to go for the SEs unfortunately, since we can’t make Plexi-Glass for that because of the bend on the SE.

@ doodoostank123 :
PM me and we can talk about it.