Sakura Beginner Guide. New to Sakura? Come here!



Hello everyone, welcome to the SRK Sakura tutorial! This online tutorial was a collaboration between myself and the fellow Sakura players over at the Q&A thread. This tutorial covers her play-style, normal moves, combos, tatsu loops, frame traps, and more. If you see something that is off, please feel free to edit it and give yourself credit at the bottom with the rest of our contributors.

The ground rules for editing is simple: KEEP THIS GUIDE AS PROFESSIONAL AS POSSIBLE. No cursing, no intentionally false information, you guys get it. Also, for sake of consistency, make sure whatever you type is in times new roman with 12 font. This keeps the guide looking professional and looking good. Other than that, enjoy the tutorial!

The published document:

Destin’s advanced guide is outdated, but the general idea still applies. It’s a pretty decent read if you get the time.


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