Sakura Combo Expedition!

Hey well i joined srk not that long ago and never really used it much. I thought now i can make a little entrance with a combo video i made recently and it may get me to join in a bit more with discussions. I main Sakura of course, you could say i play a little differently but if i gotta do annoying mix-ups i gotta do em :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway tell me what you think. Some combos are fun and some could help. Im a regular youtube uploader also so i have a lot of championship matches up. Made G1 on both consoles so i guess i have a good idea of match-ups and pro play.

Here it is:

really nice video
and some extraordinary moves
u gave me some really nice ideas for my gameplay

thank you, this becomes my favorite Sakura Video now.

thanks alot :smiley:

Didn’t realise Sakura could Hadouken > FA2, must be tight and character specific :frowning:

Hiya Kazurk! He’s one of my favourite sparring buddies. Met him in G1 on my first day in there. I think he was new to G1 aswell.

oh wow. didn’t even realize you could link c.rh after s.lp

yeah only tied it on seth and rufus plus theres timing and distance.

@Mr. Flowers hi ^^

yeah i used to do j hp, st hp, lk tatsu, st jab, sweep, or if its a bigger hit box character u can get more damage out of it before u sweep

The editing was superb.

Might have to think about that fireball FADC overhead, that’s pretty slick.

ive tried it but people always seem to hit me out of it. its really anooying

Anyone else think this thread is nomination worthy?

I dont know if this combo was found, but I do know I was the first of my group in the mid west to find this combo. Its kinda hard to do but once you get the timing the damage is pretty good. I got 402 when I do it. Its JP.HK->CR.HP->EX.Tatsu->Light DP (this is kinda of tricky because you have to right under them and you have to hit them with the tip of the DP)->MP.Otoshi. For 402 it’s not bad. Its even better if you can land this after a reset. I’m sorry if someone has already posted this guys. I just wanted to post my discovery to other Sakura players.


at 1:29

and yes… your video was bad fucking ass… although some of those combos are questionable as to their actual worth in competition… but fucking sexy none the less

thx guys, yeh some were for fun

Like that rufus one that hardly took any damage due to scaling after all those lights

Could someone give me the exact button notation for that trip combo on Chun-Li at 1:34?

j hk, cr lk, cr lp, st lp, st lp, sweep

Thanks I’m going to practice that

Amazing video, loved it.

i see that u can use j hp in the corner instead of j lk for the fa3 in the corner reset. good to know

man I give you mad props for the vid. The combos were pretty sick. Do you ever pull any flasher combos in game? Just wondering. I just started playing her a few nights ago as a serious character and found out two good combos on my own.