Sakura Combo School

After it’s all blocked, Sakura doesn’t have many buttons that will reach, but s HK can and crush counters. c MK doesn’t reach. s LK is a great button in general.

The combos in v trigger 1 are still damaging and Sakura’s v trigger 1 fireball is plus on block. But personally I prefer v trigger 2 because Sakura gets EX DPs from it.

j HK, s MP, b+HP, activate v trigger 2, s HP, QCB+HK cancelled into v skill kick, HP DP, Super!

At first glance, c lp, s lp, s lk seemed like the best blockstring. But Automatik is right. c lp, c lp, s lk is actually best because c lp is only +1 on block and s lp is 4f. So Sakura will either get a normal hit 2 hit hit confirm or a 2 hit counterhit hit confirm if the second hit scored a counterhit. It’s too bad that there isn’t much potential for setups after MP DP, which is THE hit confirm special move. They’re far.

Forgot Desk’s CMV

CC s HK, f,f, s LP, s LP, s LK, MP DP. CC b+HP, fully charged QCF+LK, HP DP.

In VT1 everything that cancels into her buffed Hado is a hitconfirm.

Up clos u can do
Hitconform into qcf hp/hk x qcb lk x dp lp