Sakura combos ,, J. Hk hurricane repeat = infinite

i cant translate for crap

Thanos on Capture assist
Must be Dark Sakura with 2 supers

Call out Thanos Capture assist then Sakura’s Shinkuu hadoken super…

when the super is over p2 should be in a bubble
then repeat super =)

assist/(d,f lp,hp) when captured (d,f lp,hp)

umm…what if they uh…block?

If they block The Thanos Capture then i guess u better try try again lol

here we got

dash to them (Shinkuu hadouken)

b4 u super hit the Thanos assist

after the super is done it should capture the opponent

then super again XD :smile:

ahh homie u suck
nah =)

im just puttin randomness in here

:rofl: I see.

It works perfectly on sentinal start of with a fierce kick while jumping than hurricane kick. Then you can jump in the air and lk, mk, Fierce Hurricane kick should do 3 hits or you can alternate it with lp,mp fierce hurricane kick. The good thing about the infinite is that it doesnt get the apponent dizzy so you can doit for ever. It can be done with both sakuras. Question why does it take 3 levels just so sakura can turn black lol?

Yeah that why I like Sakura!!!:bgrin:

It ends quite nicely with C.LK, C.MK, LP Shouoken xx Shinku Hadoken DHC into whatever.

A cool thing I like to do when I catch the inf on lone Sent (when his 2 other teamates are dead) : call Sent G while doing inf C.LK, C.MK, XX Dark Sakura (drones hit) C.LK, CMK, S.HK, HP Hadoken, Shinku Hadoken. Very stylish and very unecessary.:clap:

Sakuras recovery time after the hurricane kick sucks when you do it on the ground.

That’s why I never do it on the ground 'cept the LK version which can counter sweeps.

Still not worth the risk imo.

I use Storm/Sak/Tronne so against Sent i send out Storm or Tronne and if they hit him at all while he’s on the ground, free infinite. Nothing flashy though except if i start off the infinite without an assist i can call tronne in the middle of it for decent damage.

Sakura dash assist into hail storm = too good

If used properly theres nothing really that team can do against sent. Theres no real good anti air assist, he can take away a good amount of damage to your team by the time hes dead. Especially a team like Sent/Cable/CapCom

That’s why I use Sak/Im/Sent.:bgrin:

Oh yea, thats more decent. But i was reffering to xctu’s team. Storm/Tron/Sak

I know I was just trying to post a team that has good synergy. :pleased:

there is also uhh well call this the xrom inf, there is about 5 xrom variations i found, off the top of my head:

lk,mk,hk HK hurricane
lk,mk,hk LK hurricane
lp,lk,hk,HK hurricane
lp,lk,hk,LK hurricane

i think there is one more xrom infvery flexibale =^

even though i havent posted in a long time, im still posting in response to this.

Yes, you are correct sir. My only other team with Sakura is Magneto Storm Sakura. Sakura kinda IS my anti-sent, sad as it is…

But without her, i play the same team as any other joe schmo, lol.

Without an AA a good Sak can pretty much lock Sent down.:badboy:

Yeah i noticed that. I don’t have too many problems against Sent when he has no commando, psylocke, doom, cable etc, but when he has one of those, it totally shuts down my hurricane kick rapage. Though when playing against one of those teams, the sweetest thing ever is getting the infinite and doing it until sent dies…then having a bunch of extra bars. :smiley:

Yeah I love that infinite, it sometimes scare my opponent’s not to choose Sent the second time around.:badboy:

To deal with Sent/Capcom you can sometimes do: call Sent drones LP Shouoken and Sakura will plow through Capcom’s AAA and the drones will cover you. also works well with Ironman AAA too.:bgrin: