Sakura Con 2010 april 2-4

So who’s going to Sakura Con this year cause we seriously need to get some SF4 going on down there. Plus Mr.Tak is coming back from Japan and my Honda wants revenge against your Vega KK.

I went to sakura con for the first time in …08’?

One and only anime convention I’ve ever been to.

Only place I’ve ever been where I felt out of place because I wasn’t wearing a costume.

I just go there to play games,go to the concerts,hang out with friends and go to the dealers room to buy shit.

Missed out Last year, plan on going again this year.

is there a tourney at this place this weekend?


Was looking at the schedule and there appears to be one on Saturday @ 1PM. No idea what kind of prizes or anything.

edit: Looks like Gameclucks may be running it, kind of surprised he hasn’t posted anything up in here if that’s the case though.

last years tounaments were hella shitty. you had to accumulate points to win anything. meaning, winning one tourney didnt really net you anything big. and on top of that, a staff member told me there wasnt one. he only told me this cuz i was beasting. fucking ***, let me see him again this year.

anyways, grey fox, you saying you felt out of place a an anime convention… i dont beleive it. youre pretty much the poster child of the average person who goes to cons. and plenty of people dont wear costumes. no costume > a shitty costume/ebay bought.

Haha, yeah I guess you got me there. There were some shitty costumes but there were actually a lot that made me wish I owned a decent camera. If I were to give one tip to sakura con goers for the first time it would be bringing a camera.

Do you and Fae have a costume made up for this year? I know you guys were big into that in the past, no?

litterally working as we speak lol.

and yes, a decent camera is a must. i feel like im wasting my time when niggas wanna stop me and take a pic with thier phone, or better yet, their DSi’s lol. it look like a freakin pokedex and they want to add me to the 493.

The Ninja Pokemon
"This pokemon has been known to attack others at random. Only one in existence." National Dex entry.
Height: 5"5"
Weight: 195lbs

fuck that shit. my powers can not be contained! everything is super effective

When does this happen? How much to get in?

LOL @ Josh.

I’m thinking about going this year, but I’m not crazy huge anime/manga fan - I mean, yeah I know your Deathnotes, One-pieces, Narutos, Bleaches, and whatnot, but eh. I guess there would be some sweet merch I can pick up if I go… hmm.

man want to go but don’t want to pay haha

This is josh.

It was 50 bucks for all 3 days pre regestration. But that ended on the 5th. So if you buy your shit now, it would be the same price as at the door. And trust me, you don’t want to have to wait in that line for a badge. The dealers room I usually buy some dvs and action figures. Decent prices since you can shop around. A fun drinking game, take a shot everytime to see a naruto headband hahaha

there should be a 3s cab there hahahahaha

Yep, will be there! LoL, I’ll actually be landing in Sea Tac at 9 am…on day 1 of Sakura Con. I’m not gonna get much sleep that day, but at least it’ll help me adjust from jet lag. Let’s play some SFIV, party it up, go to this Kona’s Kitchen that I’ve been hearing so much about, and go to Pat’s! Hahaha.

Yea, I should be there. Was the pre-reg for all 3 days? If so then I guess I have a 3-day pass. (I don’t know which one I have because I didn’t buy it btw.)

the pre-reg is a 3 day pass

The SF4 tourny is at 1:00pm on friday not saturday.

You’d probably be totally trashed after like 10 minutes of walking around.

This goes a long way to explaining why I still make so much money doing what I do at work. You got “super effective” right, but you’re missing all your Pokmon "e"s.