Sakura Dash under Glitch

I havent seen anything else on this, but if there is please link it. I saw online a few weeks ago about a glitch were if Sakura dashed under on a reset it would sometimes stop inputs from coming out, but it would only work 10 percent of the time or something like that.

The first time i saw this glitch was when i was messing around with my friend the other night. He was playing goken and i was playing sakura. He did goken’s demon flip and i jumped up after him. I ended up jumping underneath him and hit him in the back with while we were both in the air. When he landed he started pushing buttons and nothing was coming out.

This got me interested in messing around with this glitch. I went in to training mode, i selected ryu as player one and sakura as player 2. I recorded sakura doing c.lp c.hp ex tatsu, walk up reset) dash under. I set my stick to turbo lp. When sakura was doing the combo I tried holding lp down, after the reset the lp would work fine. i also tried waiting till ryu landed after the reset and then held lp down and it still worked. If i started holding light punch down as sakura was dashing under me the light punch wouldn’t come out about 50 percent of the time. I tried it maybe 20 times and the glitched worked about 9 of those times. I need to go back and do more testing on it to see if it’s when the opposing charature that causes the glitch to work.

This also doesn’t explain why this glitch worked the other night with my friend since i hit him while we were both in the air.

I will try to post a video on this soon. Just as a warning it will be shitty quality either from my phone or a camera. I do not have a capture card. If you guys find anything else please post it…

It’s not a dash glitch, it’s an air reset glitch. It was posted on the front page of eventhubs or srk, I don’t remember which.

Ya thanks, I remember reading one on there(no idea if it was yours or not). It said that they could only get the inputs to not come out about 10percent of the time. With ryu I can get the glitch to work almost every time, but i have to control ryu. There is a small window after the reset when you have to start pushing buttons. And that window is different for each character it seems. The only other character I’ve tried it with were ken and honda and the timing was different. Ill try to get a video up soon. im just really busy with work and school.

If your article is different then the one i had seen can you please link it.

I didn’t write the article lol

protip: don’t rely on gimmicks to win

does this still work