Sakura execution tricks



ill list the ones that I’m aware of. are there more that I don’t know about? please share

  1. to do dash -> ultra I: tap forward once, then do half-circle backward, then quarter-circle backward, then KKK

  2. to do -> fp.shouken: press down-back +, then slide to down-forward, then slide to down (or down-back), then slide to down-forward, then plink fp.

  3. to do fp.shouken/ex-shouken -> FADC -> s.fp -> BnB: do the shouken, then tap forward, then tap forward and press mp+mk at the same time, then plink s.fp

  4. if you have trouble with the 1f BnB (s.fp -> lk.tatsu -> c.fp), try this method: plink the s.fp with ring+middle finger, then press lk for lk.tatsu with thumb, then press medium punch with middle finger, then press light punch with index finger, then plink the c.fp with ring+middle finger. The reason why I add the mp and lp is so that there are no “pauses” in the combo. My fingers are always moving, so its easier to fall into a rhythm and get the timing consistently (having a pause makes links hard IMO). YMMV

  5. to get an easy and consistent mixup after ex-shunpu, hold up-forward and juggle as early as possible with a, then either press forward for a split second or press nothing. This gives you a meaty ambiguous crossup that is very easy to do

  6. to get free chip dmg and an easy frame trap after ex-shunpu, do otoshi but stop after 2 hits. if you are at the corner, immediately dash back when you land, then immediately do a fully charged fp.hadoken. if you are in the middle of the map, just charge your hadoken a split second after you land and it should hit (timing is very lenient). This is safe against most DPs/ultras and should hit meaty and allow you to follow up with a frame trap (or do something else).

  7. to get an easy ambiguous crossup after a knockdown, jump at an angle where will cross up, but then hit j.fp and time it as if you are trying to punch their head. the j.fp will not cross up and leads to a full combo on hit (so does the crossup

  8. after hitting ultra 2, you can immediately hold up-forward and do 2 forward jumps to get to the perfect range from the opponent without risking an extra dash (or accidently walking too close to get hit by a dp)

  9. to get an easy 50/50 ambiguous mixup during opponent’s wakeup, press up and immediately press roundhouse for an instant overhead. if you are playing online, walking back and then pressing or f+mk from a distance is just as good (very hard to react to the overhead with online latency)

  10. to get an easy 50/50 mixup after any blockstring, alternate between walkup throw and mashing ex-shouken


That’s a nice list.

You can use the same tip for #2 with the, cr.lp, cr.fpxxfp.shoruken combo. Just do down-back, down-forward + fp, down, down-forward +fp. Makes it easier to hit confirm if you stick the lk or lp you can continue if it gets blocked you are already in position to defend.


Does anybody else use #1? I have been doing it by the book. This seems easier.


I just do dash, ultra motion.


I’ve been doing this for over a year now. I can even do it in lag sometimes this way.

Or you can just kara air tatsu over.


I might have to try that number 1.


number 6 sounds hella useful, good stuff =)


Uryo does this a lot.


I so need to try number one 0_0


This is a troll post, right?


I’m not certain 9) is match feasible, an instant overhead where you’re not: a) getting the hell out of dodge in the process, or b) able to combo from; just seems like too much of a risk for not enough reward.

Better mix up on wakeup if you’re on top of them is meaty n.j RH/empty jump,, c.lp…


it’s good for getting the last hit before stun (or last hit before ko). happens pretty often to me. i.e. if u land 2 BnBs in a row, you’ll be 1 hit from stun against a lot of characters


i dont like giving advice that recommends you “mash” buttons. shitty sf4 and the awful habits it creates.

most of it is pretty common knowledge, but good for some people that need to be spoon fed things once in a while. gj


I think everything that is common knowledge should be accessible on the first page of every topic. Otherwise only forum members who check every thread daily and have been around for months will know what the common knowledge is.


Well said.

I feel like an input method for the lk.tatsu > lk > fp xx shou should be added. That’s something I only hit about 3 times out of 5. I usually press forward at the same time as lk, and then try and buffer in the dp motion right after pressing lk, but if there’s an easier way, that would be nice to know.


i love that combo and is probably one of my most used combos… like you said i just push forward at the same time i do the lk and then just do a hadoken motion and BAM.


^Yep I do the same. The problem is not the execution but the timing for me. Since I play online with varying ping.


please explain this…


Also, the DP shortcut works, I’ve learned. instead of a normal DP motion you can hit down+forward twice and the DP will come out. Using this shortcut at the same time as the improved my odds of it coming out properly.


If u wanna do cl.HP xx lk tatsu cr.HP xx ex tatsu … i think it´s better if u plink the cr.HP with lk so if u miss the plink or the timing there comes out the lk which often still connects!!!
In a fight I usally sometimes drop the combo but with the lk plinking… even if it´s not full damage it got rlly constant :slight_smile:
Hope u guys can use this^^