Sakura General Thread: She finally graduated!





Too bad she graduated without learning what pants are


Battle costume


Her page is up:



Re-analyzing the Sakura trailer has me very hyped to return back to SFV (I quit in S1 since it was too stale for my taste):

cr.LP, st.LP, st.LK xx dp combo. This means I can hitconfirm from a cr.LP. This will allow cr.LP to still be a great pressure tool, and can possibly score big damage off of CH.

cr.HP is back, but it looks very slow. I’m hopeful it’ll still be an effective AA. However she has an air grab. And can cancel j.MP into EX tatsu. This means she has great air-to-air options to work around her lack of invul DP, just like SF4.

In addition to this, her hp DP ender looks like it leaves the opponent in a good mixup situation just like sf4. I hope that I can still setup a far (3.5-4 / 5 screen distance) AA with LP dp and juggle into MP dp.

CH st.HP appears to pop up for air juggle. Mostly shown for v-trigger extensions.

She has sf4 still for pressure. Great that she has both and far st.MP. I’d imagine is b+MP.

She still has sf4 far st.HK, I wonder how useful it will be in terms of poking. (ala Cammy’s st.HK poking ability).

She also has a psuedo divekick, but only seems useful for combo extension.

Psuedo divekick is the same animation as her neutral j.HK. I’m glad they kept this in there, her j.HK was really good (obviously not as good as sf4 Sakura’s broken’s j.HP) since it hits low and allows you to stuff certain recoveries when used correctly.


Nice. She has the CVS2 dive kick.
I would imagine that it might be slightly easier to link her stuff together after Tatsumaki


That trailer got me really excited, I wasn’t expecting her as the first character of season 3.
I hope she has at least one good anti air.
Trailer with her jap voice.


This is awesome! Sakura announced on the same day that I got engaged!

Sakura is where it all began for me as an '09er. This really means alot to me.


I like her theme


In the character site they show this image marked as “new”. I thought it was her st.HK. Does it mean it has new properties or that it’s a new move entirely?


During VT2, she gains new property for her shouoken and her shunpukyaku, the moves becoming like her ex version but even stronger. Here, that’s just the end of her VT shunpukyaku, which is that launcher, like in 4. It’s V skill cancelable by the way. For her roundhouse, I’m pretty sure it’s her CC spin we saw at the start of her last combo.




Was that an air throw or the throw off of her v skill?


It kinda seems like the natural ending of her v-skill if you do no followup but still collide with the opponent


Throw after V-Skill is done by pressing LP+LK.


Do you have Discord? Our group of mutual friends have migrated. Let me know.


A couple of key differences I’m seeing from the SF4 version from the trailer:

Sakura Otoshi being a follow up to the V-Skill means she won’t have a homing EX version for punishing fireballs or other moves from far range. The V-Skill’s initial hop seems similar to Chun Li’s in terms of having a fixed trajectory.

EX Shunpukyaku has either limited or no juggle followups outside of the corner. The launch during EX has her extending her leg horizontally similar to her st. HK, whereas the VT2 Shun is at a higher angle like the SF4 EX. One of the combos vs an airborne Ryu demonstrates juggling EX Shouken after EX Shun connects; while this is still shown in the corner, there MAY be juggle potential mid-screen because of EX Shun being able to connect the launcher on airborne opponents. Again this is all done in the corner so we’ll have to wait for the update to come out for verification.


I Cant Wait!!!