Sakura General Thread: She finally graduated!



Certainly look forward to her. Helps that both VTs seem useful on first glance.


Thank goodness Flowtron was to be trusted after all with the half of the S2 roster and the Sagakura leaks. I was betting on Sakura’s confirmation to save my Winter from being entirely melancholic - and Capcom managed to deliver. She looks fantastic and looks like she’ll be, at the least, mid-tier. To be completely fair, I don’t care much for tiers, I’m just glad to have my girl back in the game.

Not to mention this news came to me right at the end of my semester, too! Great timing. I’m absolutely beat. Can’t wait to start training again.


That trailer got me to go back to SFV after like a four month hiatus just because I want to be used to the game again before she comes out. As it turns out she comes out just as I’m getting back from my Christmas holiday, so I’ll have something to balance out the bummer of having to go back to work. I’ve been into her since fucking around on an Alpha 3 cabinet in some arcade in South Carolina as a kid, so it’s good to see her.

And she has a costume with pants now to boot! Bless.


sigh there’s no Shoshosho as a V-Trigger.

You had one job, Capcom!!

What are the properties of her install type V-Trigger?


Finally a character worth playing~
I’ve come to terms with that fact that i have no future as a Karin main. ;u;
I always loved playing Sakura in Mvc2 and SFIV so her inclusion is definitely a welcome addition! xD


Capcom Unity will be streaming Sakura on the 9th of Jan.


Yall ready to destroy them jump ins with cr.hp?!!


I’m more biased towards B.HP to wreck jumps so… No?


Basic combos video (by


Sakura Discord -


Vt1 has plus on block fireballs and can combo into 210 damage meterless with xx fireball>M shouken



i’m kinda mad she doesn’t have her old victory dance


She does do a version of her dance between rounds if you win with enough of a life lead. It’s not 100% the same, but the spirit is there.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Sakura Combo Guide

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Sakura Okizeme/Wakeup guide


Just because fuck Akuma


Stuff I found with Sakura

(NOTE: Vega’s walk speed is fastest overall in the game at 5.5 forward, 4.5 backward)

She now easily has the second best walk speed to Vega. Right now I would say overall Chun Li and Young Zeku are the closest to tying him. They have 5.4 forward walk and 3.5/6 ish back walk. They can invade you with their forward walks pretty well and have solid back walks. Only character with faster back walk before Vega is Cammy, but it’s only 3.8 and Vega’s back walk speed is a whopping 4.5 so he’s .7 above the second best.

With this gif you’ll see that Sakura is able to keep up with Vega’s walk speed both forwards and backwards. The camera is barely panning at all which is basically impossible to do with any other character. Even if you try to do this with Young Zeku, eventually Young Zeku’s slower back walk speed he will start shifting the camera towards the left. This means that she is easily around Vega/Chun/YZ forward walk and is likely now the first character that can actually compete with Vega’s back walk. With a cancelable c.MK, c.MP and s.LK that all have solid range. THAT IS BIG.
If you try this with ANY other character the camera will pan over to the character that’s not Vega eventually. ** Only Sak can keep up with Vega. The camera moves tiny steps at most with her.

One of the things that’s harder to do in this game compared to SFIV or older games like CVS2 is back micro walk out of footsies. Because nobody has close to Vega’s back walk (when more characters did in other games) he’s the only character that can walk last second out of buttons like this. It’s just Vega doesn’t have anything like a cancelable s.LK or c.MK to make the most of this.

This is an example of Ibuki who has 5.2 forward walk and 3.4 back walk still having some trouble trying to last minute walk back out of Ryu’s c.MK.

Ibuki back walk [details=Spoiler]


With Sakura you’ll notice that it’s easier for her to last minute escape the range of the c.MK and then s.LK to whiff punish.
Sakura back walk [details=Spoiler]


She also has one of the most unique overheads in the game. Essentially her overhead is an overhead you can use in footsies because the hit box hovers over most of the standard c.MK’s in the game. It also has ridiculous range for an overhead. Which means you can pester people with your c.MK to force them to block low, while also throwing out an overhead from a range that’s hard for them to contest and gets them to stand back up again or take damage.

If you land it on counter hit from close enough range you can also get c.LP into MP shouoken. Likely has some scenarios where it works on meaty as well. It is minus 7 on block which makes it the first overhead that’s as negative as minus 7, but from the range you will be using it from it won’t be a huge deal especially if the opponent doesn’t have meter. Plus the way it recovers the opponent has to go for their punish immediately or they can likely mistime it which lets you block before they hit you.

This is pretty cool also as it lets her threaten VTC pressure with a low once she walks close enough. Basically her c.MK has very little pushback on block. While it’s normally minus 3 on block, with VTC she’s plus enough to frame trap people with s.MP which is plus 3 on block. The best thing about this is that because of Sakura’s throw range, she can do this and threaten a throw without having to walk forward.

To compare with Karin, she has to use c.HK to do this as her c.MK will still leave her negative after the VTC.
Sakura c.MK VTC frame trap [details=Spoiler]


Was also going to show how long she can buff c.MP or c.MK into MP shouoken, but I feel that’s pretty self explanatory. You’ll see pretty soon that if you whiff shit and she’s buffering either of those buttons, you’ll take a combo from a far ass range.


Btw people, try to use c.HP as anti air, it’ covers the same jump ins that b+HP does plus if used correctly works on crossups. The only advantage b+HP has is the Crush Counter, but if it junst AAs normally you’re minus on the opponent landing.


any notable sakura players i should be stalking for strategy and tech?


Majorboy and Mago are using her.