Sakura General Thread: She finally graduated!



Frame data is up if you have account


Great stuff man. I also appreciate that you’re using the best Sakura color.

Have you guys found any use for her v-skill outside of combos and gimmicks?


Good shit with the tech and videos guys. Definitely think I’ve found my main in AE after being in character crisis for a long ass time. Really enjoying her entire package. Getting my shill pass tonight!

Dive kick catching their toes appears to be safe (gotta check those numbers when I get home). Doesn’t seem like a terribly strong v-skill on the surface.


Are there any known setups or follow ups after MP Shoryu? I find myself using it for punishes and confirms but don’t really have anything afterward.


Try dash after mp dp.



Sakuras xx H fireball at max or near max range has such a big gap that the opponent can jump it after blocking the for a full punish.

To deal with this cancel into lk tatsu instead and it will stuff any forward jump putting the opponent into a juggle state that you can L DP.


I have been seeing players use Sakura’s HK tatsu to set up a throw/MP mix-up on hit. If the MP counter-hits it can combo into HP->HK Tatsu which loops the set-up.

Any good blockstrings aside from LP->MP?


Sakura Meaty setups


part 2


Sakura Frame trap


Starting to mess around more with her s.HP. It true strings into her fireball or LK tatsu. Spaced s.HP into LK tatsu seems good for baiting attempts to poke her back due to the pushback. Even the s.HP itself spaces her pretty far out and is only minus 2. The button is a bit slow at 9 frame start up, but at a good space seems solid to open up her neutral considering her forward walk speed is nuts any way.

s.HP, HP fireball is minus enough to be punished by Chun EX legs from a distance, but is probably rather safeish vs other characters that are lower on meter. Theoretically if you could learn to hit confirm s.HP into fireball you’d have a good mid range option with that. Otherwise it’s easier to do s.HP to LK tatsu.

s.HP to HK tatsu is also pretty interesting as it’s not a true block string, but the gap is very small. Likely some stuff to play around with that since HK tatsu is only minus 2 on block any way. It counter hits an attempt to punish inbetween with 5 frame attacks. Plus since all of this stuff leaves you minus 2 you can scare people into going for an EX DP if they try to counter attack. Which then effectively puts them in a frame trap if they back down.

MK tatsu is minus 6 on block so not very good on block, but if you hit confirm s.HP to MK tatsu that makes you plus 3 on hit from a range. Meaning you’ll be able to get any counter poke out for free or set up walk up throw from that range. Good spacing to set up counter hit c.MP, s.LK, MP DP.

With all of that said, the best thing to learn is probably hit confirm s.HP to HK tatsu. If you can learn to one hit confirm this, you basically get a confirm string that leaves you plus 2 on hit and within throw and s.MP range without walking. So basically everytime you land HK tatsu you can get a free throw/hit 50 50 after. Even if you miss the hit confirm the gap to press anything inbetween the 2 moves is very small and it leaves you safe on block any way.


It’s weird that st. HP combos into HK tatsu but back HP doesn’t (I know that CC would botch the cancel anyway but still). That said, I agree that the damage and advantage gain from it is great for a button that is useful on neutral.


It’s definitely one of her most powerful tools in neutral. Kindevu got top 16 out of nowhere with Sakura and she came out like last week. He mained her in CVS2 so he definitely has a feel for her.

He used a lot of the s.HP, HK tatsu and even raw HK tatsu in neutral just because it takes up so much space and crates strong pushback towards the corner if you block it. Was also winning a lot of matches off of j.HK which that air button is basically the antithesis to the buffed AA buttons in this game. It comes down at such a steep angle from so high in her jump that you pretty much have to preemptively AA her or you’re forced to take the jump in. He beats F.Champ basically because of that. She basically forces you into a mix up from the air everytime she wants to go for that and you don’t immediately have an AA ready.

Visual reference.

Kindevu pressed j.HK from mad early in the air. From a position that would easily be anti aired by most of the anti air heavy buttons in AE. That’s a height where Daigo can normally just auto pilot hit c.HP and he’ll win, but as seen here that’s already too late and he gets counter hit into a combo. Meaning you’re then forced to either AA even earlier or just block the jump in if your reactions aren’t there and give her a free frame trap the next jump in.

Some of the matches from Evo Japan

[details=Spoiler] [/details]


Resets anyone?


Hello guys, Sakura scrub here : do you find any use for Sakura Otoshi ? After V-Tatsu, Dive Kick + V-Shory seems to always be a preferable choice…


I use it after V-Tatsu to keep V-Trigger 2 longer after it’s activation. I have more time to play footsies and try to get another tatsu combo that I end with shoryu/super.


We in agreement that Sakura is awful, right?


Probably not awful awful, but pretty mediocre.


I’m just very disappointed in her style of play.

She’s nothing like her previous iterations and plays a lot more sluggishly. Having her dive kick locked behind that stupid V-Skill only makes things worse. The V-Triggers are just lousy. I completely dropped I and have no choice but to stick with II, which if you activate during a combo gets massively scaled down. I’d be fine with it if landing a follow up tatsu were easy to do but it gets borked in this mode and heaven help you if it gets blocked.

I really hope Capcom improves her s. MP which barely even moves ahead of her. That her s. LK has more range than her c. MK is an embarrassment. The long start-up on her b+HP makes me laugh as it is pretty much useless outside of her target combo. While they’re at it, give me a reason to choose V-Trigger I. Plus fireballs are great but what do you want me to use them for? Mixups? I’d rather damage potential.

Blah, whatever. I’m going back to GG to calm down.