Sakura glitch or stick error

I have a madcatz tournament stick 8 button layout

at her trial 17

[]jump hp
]crouch lk lk
[*]ex shououken

I get light punch output when I hit the lp+mp+hp after the 2 crouching low kicks…

it only seems to happen when ive done 2 crounching low kicks… even when she preforms a light punch the attack display shows only lp+mp+hp!?!

ive messed arround with turbo but when I hold it in standing or crouching I never get a lightpunch…but when I hit 3x punch button after 2 light kicks I get a lightpunch with a 3xpunch display :S

there is no glitch.put PPP on ur lp button…and see,what happen then.

btw:nn special topic for that

when I put ppp on my lp button it still gets a lp even when the attack display shows 3xp

strange… oO

you do the two too quick, this means that you can’t cancel them, so when you input a cancel timed :dp::3p: you wont get a cancel, priority would mean you would get a cr.:hp: but you are still in the recovery frames of cr.:lk: so instead that gets chained into a cr.:lp:. Nothing special. If you want to pass the trial do the second cr.:lk: slower.

To rephrase what Jamheald said, if you cancel your into the second instead of linking them (using the second lk right after the animation for the first ends, instead of interrupting it), you won’t be able to cancel into shououken.

you can just cheat on that trial like i did and do j.hp -> -> s.lp -> -> EX shou